Get the Most Out of Planning Weddings in Pakistan

Planning weddings in Pakistan is an enchanting journey, woven with rich culture, cherished traditions, and timeless style. The first step in planning any wedding is the most obvious one; to find “the one.” Weddings are big family celebrations. People usually get married in their twenties. It's not just about the couple; the whole family comes together, making it a joyful and communal event full of traditions and happiness.

Weddings in Pakistan

Finding Your Soulmate

Traditionally, people found their soulmates through arranged marriage settings only. However, these days, consisting of their own pros and cons, both love and arranged marriages are common. Let’s have a look at the journey of finding the one.

Match Made in Heaven - Love Marriage Chronicles

In the realm of love marriages, it's all about following those heartstrings and dancing to the beat of your love story. People decide to get married when they find that extraordinary someone who not only shares their dreams but adds an extra sprinkle of magic to life. From that first chance meeting to a whirlwind romance, love marriages are a rollercoaster of emotions and excitement. The decision to say "I do" is like setting off on an epic adventure with your partner-in-crime, ready to script your own fairy tale ending.

Arranged Marriage - A Family Affair

Arranged marriages are a family affair where tradition meets modernity. The decision to tie the knot is often the result of a careful blend of input from parents, elders, and a dash of destiny. People decide to get married when they trust their families to find a partner who not only fits into their life puzzle but also complements their values and aspirations. Arranged marriages are like joining a big, loving jigsaw puzzle, where two families come together to create a beautiful masterpiece of a shared future.

In both love and arranged marriages, the journey towards 'happily ever after' is a delightful mix of emotions, laughter, and a touch of wedding planning chaos. After all, no matter how you choose to get hitched, the magic of weddings lies in the promise of a beautiful journey ahead, filled with love, laughter, and a few quirky wedding vendors to make it all the more memorable. 🎩👰❤️

After finding the one, comes the not so exciting part, the wedding planning. To ensure your special day is a remarkable tapestry of memories, you need an exceptional team of vendors who understand your unique vision. is your ultimate wedding partner, connecting you with top-tier vendors across Pakistan's vibrant wedding industry. Here's a curated list of some of the most sought-after vendor categories you should definitely explore.

Likewise, family members play crucial roles in contributing to the celebration. Traditionally, the bride's family often covers expenses like the wedding venue, decorations, and the bride's attire. The groom's family commonly takes on responsibilities like the walima (reception), accommodation, and the groom's attire. However, these roles can vary based on individual preferences and arrangements. Some families have different traditions and like to follow them as well. For functions like Nikah or Engagement, usually the groom's family brings the bride's dress and shoes with all the accessories as well.

List of Wedding Vendors on

Here’s a list of essential wedding services available on our website for you to plan your wedding in just 3 minutes.

  1. Makeup Artists
  2. Photographers
  3. Caterers
  4. Decorators/Planners
  5. Henna Artists
  6. Venues

Wear Your Glamor and Grace with Top Makeup Artists

The artistry of makeup is a pivotal element in any bride or groom's wedding look. Explore our selection of accomplished makeup artists who specialize in crafting your ideal bridal appearance. Dive into our blogs to learn about choosing the right makeup artist, discovering the world of enhancing your natural beauty, and uncovering the makeup artistry gems.

Photographers - Capturing Your Love

Every wedding holds a unique story, and a skilled photographer can weave it into a visual masterpiece. Find photographers who specialize in documenting your love journey, from the enchanting engagement to the grand reception. 

Dive into our blogs to understand the art of selecting the perfect wedding photographer, capturing candid moments, and discovering the top photography talents in top cities of Pakistan including Lahore, Islamabad, and many others.

 PhotographersPackage Deals (Starting From)Staff
 Mehreen's Photography PKR 25,000/Day Event   Male & Female 
Qamar Anwar Photography PKR 250,000/ Three Day Event  Male & Female  
 Danish Bin Arif Photography PKR 50,000/Day Event  Female  
 Arfa Usman Weddings PKR 95,000/Day Event  Male & Female  
 Hamza Shafique Photography PKR 10,000/Day Event Male & Female 
Wasiq Umar Photography PKR 35,000/Day Event  Male & Female  

Get insights into the key considerations when selecting the perfect photographer to capture your special day and the etiquettes on how one should treat them. Discover the magic of candid photography, turning spontaneous moments into cherished memories through our talented photographers. Whether you want an outdoor shoot or one filled with laughter and candid moments, we’ve got it all. 

Caterers - Culinary Maestros for Your Feast

Food is the heart and soul of any Pakistani wedding, and delighting your guests with culinary wonders is a must. Discover caterers renowned for their mouthwatering dishes and impeccable service. Explore our website to guide you in selecting the perfect wedding menu, savoring traditional Pakistani cuisine, and uncovering the finest catering services.

CaterersCuisineProvide Waiters
Al Shams Caterers Pakistani, Chinese, Continental Yes 
Hanif Rajput Catering Pakistani, Chinese, Continental Yes 
Mood Swings  Pakistani, Chinese, Continental Male & Female 
Karachi Bar B.Q Caterers Pakistani, Chinese, Continental Yes 
 J&T CaterersPakistani, Chinese, Continental Yes 
Chalet Catering Pakistani, Chinese, Continental Yes 

Select the Perfect Wedding Menu and gain insights into crafting a unique yet memorable wedding menu that caters to diverse tastes and preferences. Discover flavors that celebrate your heritage. Explore top catering services, known for the diversity of options, delectable offerings and impeccable hospitality.

Decorators/Planners - Dream Weavers of Magical Moments 

Transforming your wedding venue into a breathtaking paradise is an art, and skilled decorators are the artists. Explore professionals who can bring your wedding theme and decor ideas to life. Whether it’s a pre-wedding event like Bridal Shower, Engagement, or main events like Reception, you can master the art of creating a wedding wonderland. Understand the balance between traditional and contemporary decor. And discover the decorating gems throughout different cities of Pakistan.

Learn the secrets of turning your wedding venue into an enchanting wonderland, using our eco-friendly affordable ideas. Connect with top decorators known for their creativity and attention to detail.

Timeless Beauty of Henna Artists

Henna artistry is an integral part of Pakistani wedding traditions. Finding the perfect henna artist is essential for your Mehndi event. Explore talented henna artists who can create intricate and beautiful designs that symbolize your love. Discover the magic of traditional henna patterns, and the top henna designers through our website with amazing packages and deals.

Venues - Discover Your Perfect Setting

Choosing the perfect wedding venue sets the stage for your unforgettable day. Explore a diverse range of marquees, from grand banquet halls to intimate garden settings, each with its unique charm. Find the ideal wedding venue, discover the intimacy of small gathering, and explore the premier venues on our website.

VenuesTypeCapacity for People
Aura GrandeMarquee, Banquet40-800 
White RoseMarquee, Banquet300-1500 
Water's EdgeOutdoor50-350
Golf Club MarqueeMarquee, Banquet180-250 
Majesty Event ComplexMarquee, Banquet500+ 
Bella Rose Event ComplexMarquee, Banquet500+ 

Comprehensive Journey through Pakistani Wedding Functions

1. Baat Pakki - Confirming the Union

In the initial steps towards marriage, Baat Pakki marks the formal confirmation of the union between families. It involves discussions and agreement on important matters, including the wedding date and other arrangements.

2. Engagement - The Promise of Forever

The Engagement ceremony is a joyous occasion where the couple officially announces their commitment to each other. Rings are exchanged, symbolizing the promise of a future together, and the celebration begins with the blessings of family and friends.

3. Date Fixing - Setting the Wedding Day

Date Fixing is a crucial step where families decide on the wedding date. It involves considering auspicious times and aligning schedules, ensuring that the chosen day holds significance for the couple and their families.

4. Dholki - Rhythmic Pre-Wedding Celebrations

Dholki is a pre-wedding celebration filled with music, dance, and the beat of the dhol (drum). It sets the festive tone for the upcoming wedding events, providing an opportunity for family and friends to come together in anticipation.

5. Mayun - Traditional Bridal Beautification

Mayun is a traditional ceremony focused on the beautification of the bride. It involves applying ubtan (a turmeric paste) to the bride's skin, signifying the beginning of her journey to marital bliss. Family members join in, creating a colorful and joyful atmosphere.

6. Mehndi - Artistry in Celebration

The Mehndi ceremony is a vibrant affair where intricate henna designs are applied to the bride's hands and feet. It's a night of music, dance, and celebration, with family and friends participating in the joyous occasion.

7. Celebrating Nikah

Nikah, the sacred matrimonial ceremony, is a joyous event steeped in tradition and spirituality. It marks the formal union of a couple in the presence of family and friends. The ceremony typically includes the recitation of verses from the Quran, the exchange of vows, and the blessings of the community. The Nikah event reflects the simplicity and profound beauty of Islamic traditions, fostering an atmosphere of love, unity, and shared commitment. It is a momentous occasion that not only unites two individuals but also brings together the hearts and prayers of those who witness and celebrate the union.

Legal Aspects of Nikah

In Nikah, the marriage contract involves legal clauses, including mutual consent, witness presence, and agreed-upon responsibilities. These clauses solidify the commitment and define the rights and duties of the couple within the legal framework of marriage. Thus, Nikah becomes both a spiritual vow and a legally binding contract, ensuring the sanctity and accountability of the marital union.

8. Baraat - The Groom's Grand Entrance

Baraat is the groom's procession to the wedding venue, accompanied by family and friends. It's a grand and celebratory entrance, complete with music, dancing, and traditional rituals, marking the groom's journey to unite with his bride. The main thing on Baraat is bride's rukhsati. This entails that the groom and his family takes the bride to the couple's new home officially.

9. Walima - Culmination of the Celebrations

The Walima is the reception hosted by the groom's family, symbolizing the conclusion of the wedding festivities. It is a time for extended family and friends to come together, share a meal, and bless the newlywed couple as they embark on their journey together. It is also the only event that is based on Sunnah Traditions of Muslims.

The Ultimate Rasm Mania 

With all these events comes the fun part, the gazillion rasms of the wedding festivities. This is what makes weddings even more fun especially for the guests. It allows a light, heartwarming exchange of emotions among several family members. Let’s have a look at a few of these. Celebrate the heartwarming traditions that bring families together and add a touch of nostalgia to the festivities.

The Hilarious Hijinks of Joota Chupai

Everyone's excited to join the adventure as the groom's shoes go missing, and the bride's squad demands a comical ransom in exchange, a fun banter between the brother and sister-in-law.

Doodh Pilai Delights 

Then comes the time to discover the nutty side of love as the groom faces the 'Doodh Pilai' challenge with a twist that is planned by the bride’s family. The bride's family gets the groom to pay them for the glass of milk that is usually in care of the bride's sisters, cousins, and friends.

Mehndi Mania - Dance Battles and Dhol Beats

Oh and the vibrant world of 'Mehndi' nights, where dance-offs and musical showdowns steal the show. Not only the friends, cousins and siblings enjoy this face-off between the bride and groom's family. But also the uncles and aunties, who give their all to win this.

These are the rasms of the wedding celebration but in Pakistan, these rasms do not just end there. Even after the wedding festivities are over, the rasms keep going for a long time. 

Munh Dikhayi

"Mung Dikhayi," an essential custom in our culture, marks the traditional ritual where the bride is presented with gifts and blessings by her in-laws and relatives upon seeing her face. In some families this rasm is done by the groom. The groom gifts the bride something valuable on their first night together after taking off her ghonghat and watching her face for the first time as his bride. This ceremonial event, which typically takes place soon after the wedding, symbolizes the acceptance of the bride into her new family.

Waag Pakrayi

An other beautiful rasm where the sisters of the groom stops the groom's way by blocking his horse (traditionally) or car when he is leaving to bring his bride. They demand a generous sum of money in exchange for letting him leave. A sweet banter takes places between the two sides consisted of bargaining and little leg pulling.


People celebrate maklawa in two different ways. Some of the families have a tradition that the bride's family brings breakfast for the groom's family the next day after rukhsati or baraat. However, in other families maklawa is a rasm after the reception, the bride is brought back to her parents house for a day. She spends the whole day with her family and then the groom comes over to take his bride to their new home. 

Kheer Pakai

Kheer Pakayi is one of the most common rasms. It is believed that the bride needs to cook a sweet treat for her new family to ensure that their lives are also filled with sweet aroma and joy. It is also considered as a sign from the bride that she has accepted this new house as her own. 

These and many other rasams add a fun and interactive touch to the various rasms that make Pakistani weddings not only memorable but also incredibly entertaining and fun! 🎊👠🍶💃🕺

Then after all the hallah gullah of wedding festivities, the lunches and dinners, while all the guests go back to their normal lives, the newly weds get to enjoy their honeymoon phase.  

Balancing Sweetness and Practicality in the Honeymoon Phase

The honeymoon phase of marriage is a delightful chapter marked by love, excitement, and a profound sense of togetherness. During this time, couples revel in affection and intimacy, strengthening their emotional bonds through open communication and shared experiences. It's a period when love flows freely, and partners naturally prioritize each other. This phase is characterized by a sense of unity, with couples making plans, setting goals, and embarking on their journey as a team.

However, it's essential to acknowledge that the honeymoon phase is not without its challenges. As the initial euphoria subsides, couples may encounter the realities of married life. This may include responsibilities, compromises, and the need to balance personal and professional obligations. This transition can sometimes lead to moments of frustration or disillusionment. Nevertheless, it's important to understand that the honeymoon phase is just the beginning of a lifelong partnership. And as couples embrace both the sweetness and practicality of marriage, they lay the foundation for a lasting and fulfilling union.

Honeymoon Escape

During the honeymoon journey, couples embark on a memorable adventure to celebrate their union. They often seek romantic destinations known for their natural beauty and serene ambiance. Whether it's a beachside paradise, a cozy mountain cabin, or a vibrant city escape. Activities typically include leisurely strolls hand-in-hand, intimate candlelit dinners, and exploring local culture and cuisine. As they create cherished memories together, couples also relish private moments. Thus, savoring the joy of being alone together in their own little world.

Life After Marriage

Life after marriage is an exhilarating journey filled with new beginnings and shared dreams. In Pakistan, navigating joint family systems is often a significant part of married life. Understanding the dynamics, respecting traditions, and maintaining open communication become essential in this context. To ensure harmony, many couples turn to guides on chore distribution, especially if both partners are working. The goal is to find a balance that allows quality time together amidst daily responsibilities.

The '2/2/2' rule of successful married life suggests spending quality time together every two weeks, going on a mini-vacation every two months. And planning a big vacation every two years, fostering the bond and creating cherished memories. However, even the happiest couples encounter conflicts. The key is to address issues promptly and constructively, allowing love to grow stronger through the resolution process.

To thrive in married life, it's crucial to invest time in building emotional intimacy. Explore shared hobbies, and nurture the romance that sparked the journey. A successful marriage isn't just about the wedding day. It's about the countless beautiful days that follow, enriched by mutual understanding, effort, and love.

Whether you're planning a traditional wedding or envisioning a modern celebration, connects you with the best wedding vendors. Moreover, our blogs provide all the essential information to plan a wedding. From planning a wedding on budget in Pakistan to DIY ideas for the bridesmaids. From unique bridal hairstyle ideas to types of embroidery on bridal lehnga, and invitation card, has everything that you might need to know for planning a wedding.  

Dive into our blogs, explore vendor profiles and find amazing packages. And let us help you turn your wedding dreams into a reality. Cherish every moment of your journey to 'happily ever after.'

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