Best Wonderful Mehndi Designers in Pakistan


Henna is an essential part of any wedding. These wedding mehndi designs are a must in today's world. It became so famous over the counter that people named an entire wedding event after this name, "Mehndi". It is essential for a woman to look the prettiest on her day, and to add more shine to it we have some of the best mehndi designers in Pakistan

The embodiment of peace, harmony, and beauty is all embedded in the hands of the bride. This is done using henna art. It is a display of love and happiness for a bride.

The whole application event is a fun-bonding experience for all the girls of the household. 

Let's dig in deep on how Pakistan has some of the best mehndi designers, it includes some of the best mehndi artists in Lahore and the twin cities.

Origin of Mehndi

Mehndi designs are traditional Indian body art designs that have been around for centuries. These designs are applied to women's hands and feet before wedding ceremonies. The designs are intricate patterns that cover the entire hand or foot. The designs are often colorful and ornate. Henna is a natural dye that comes from the leaves of the mehndi plant (Lawsonia inermis). 

There are many different types of mehndi designs, some of them being floral, geometric, tribal, Arabic, and abstract. Henna is usually mixed with water and then applied to the skin using a brush or fingers. People today use a cone for its applications. However, stamping and injection methods are also in the market.

History of Mehndi

The history of mehndi dates back to ancient times. In fact, the word Mehndi comes from the Persian word Mina Deen meaning “handwriting”. The designs were originally created to help protect the bride from evil spirits while she was getting ready for her wedding day.

How to do a Mehndi Design?

 The first step to doing a mehndi is to prepare the skin. You should wash your hands thoroughly before starting the application. Then, apply a thick layer of moisturizer to the area where you plan to draw the design. After that, use a clean cotton ball to remove any excess oil. Now, start drawing the design using a sharp implement. Make sure not to press down hard on the skin while drawing the design. Once done, cover the entire hand with a thin layer of cream. Let dry completely before removing the design.

Types of Mehndi Designs

 There are various types of mehndi, including floral, geometric, tribal, and abstract. Here are some examples of these styles:

  •  Floral mehndi: This type of mehndi is characterized by intricate patterns of flowers.
  •  Geometric mehndi: A simple and classic style of mehndi.
  •  Tribal mehndi: Mehndi designs inspired by tribal cultures.
  • Abstract mehndi: Designs that have no particular pattern or shape.

Benefits of Mehndi

Mehndi has many benefits.

  • It helps prevent infections and cuts. 
  • Mehndi is a barrier to the skin, hence protecting it from the sun.
  • Henna makes the skin look beautiful. 
  • Mehndi gives the wearer a sense of pride. 
  • It is a fun way to celebrate a special occasion. 
  • Mehndi will make people come to you, it is a great conversation starter. 
  • Henna has a traditional background, it is a tradition that should not be forgotten. 
  • The applicator of mehndi is an artist, which is a great way to show off your creativity. 
  • It is a fun activity for children and they bond really well.
  • Mehndi is also a great gift idea for friends and family, go apply it for someone 
  • You get better at it by trying, so it is a great hobby. 
  • You can even make it more interesting by involving your spouse, it is a great activity for couples. 
  • Show your designer self, it is a wonderful way to express yourself. 
  • It is a fun and creative way to get rid of boredom. 
  • The smell of mehndi can be used for aroma therapy, it is a good way to relax after a long day. 
  • It is a great bonding experience between families. 
  • Don't prefer something permanent, is a fun alternative to tattoos. 
  • Applying henna is a great stress reliever. 
  • It is a great self-expression tool. 
  • Settle in and doodle away, it is a great relaxation technique. 
  • Spend time on a skill, it is a great pastime. 
  • It is a great artistic endeavor. 
  • It is a great form of entertainment. 

Best Mehndi Designers in Pakistan

The designers in Pakistan, are outclassed. They have been top-notch. They make it look really easy, but it isn't. Some of them work like the designs are made from a machine. The intricacies and the designs are what really stir you. Some of the block prints, bridals, and elegance make you want to have a mehndi design applied right away too. Here are some examples of the Instagram of some of the most amazing henna artists in our country.

  1. Minimalistic yet Chic!
  2. The Curvy Hoop Design
  3. Bold Patterns
  4. The classy look
  5. Less is More
  6. The Domes Design
  7. Some Wow Designs

Minimalistic yet Chic!

Her designs are one of the most diverse ones around. You name it and she got it. She has designs with block prints of mehndi, some heavy work for the brides, and even some lighter ones for the bridesmaids too. Everything is done so beautifully yet, and this decent yet wonderful design by henna_by_shamsa.

Mehndi Designers in Pakistan

The Curvy Hoop Design

The way she holds the mehndi cone talks tale about her designs and expertise. She is not only skilled in applying the designs she has practiced, but she can also apply the ones you ask for her. She is a pro! This design is unique yet not in the market before having to look it by Hathelii. She is one of the best mehndi designers in Pakistan!

Henna Artist
Henna by Hathelli

Bold Patterns

The bold look is generally preferred for brides, They like a little extra touch of henna on their hands. It makes them feel significant and the main protagonist of the function. This look with heavy designs, something that makes you stand out by Henna by EMS. One of the top-notch and best mehndi designers in Pakistan

The Classy Look

If you are looking for something enticing, something that is amazing and makes you different from all the mob then this girl is the right pick for you. She will make sure a few heads are turned towards your wow look. Based in Lahore do check her out at Henna by Rabbiya.

Less is More

This is a kashees mehndi design. The new trend is where you choose a minimalistic henna design, with heavy attire. Here are some examples of another trendy artist, who makes it possible. She always knows how to make you look classy. This design gives you an elegant vibe by Henna By Arisha! This henna mehndi design is one of a kind.

The Domes Design

Another look that strikes an eye, and makes sure you become the highlight of the event is this. She is an artist who has crossed all boundaries when it comes to beautiful mehndi designs. Make sure you give this one a look while considering your wedding mehndi artist. Have a look at this trendy design by Henna By Amber!

Henna by Amber

Some Wow Designs

This bridal mehndi designer is a classy applicator. Another one of the talented designers is henna, she has an Instagram page that is completely blown with designs and has made some striking highlights. She is one of the most amazing mehndi artists, check it out here at Henna Artistry By Aiman Salman. Her page has some of the most wonderful bridal mehndi designs for full hands.


Wedding mehndi is significant for a bride, it is an event and something that you want to remember forever. It will not only make you stand out from the crowd but also make your day even more amazing. Be it your wedding or now, or if you are just looking for a mehndi artist to rock up your look. Here are a few artists for you! This blog was all about designer Mehendi designs that will make you harder to choose from!

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