8 Unforgettable Wedding Seating Chart Ideas for your Big Day

Although a less common but a very important part of weddings is the seating charts. While it may be okay on events like Mayun, Mehndi, that people sit wherever they like. But on the main events of Barat and Walima, this part can get tricky.

These events are more than just a happy couple waiting on the stage for all the guests to come, one by one, and get clicked with them. There are a lot of rasms and important things like the Nikah, where the bride and groom want to have really close family members and friends around them.

But obviously how can you ask anyone to step down or move to a table that is not right in front of the stage. So, planning a wedding seating chart is a smart option to look over who gets to witness the whole wedding from where. And still not breaking a war, which is not so easy during a desi wedding.

So, Shadiyana is here to give you some amazing options for organizing wedding seating charts. That will look cute enough to persuade your guests to quietly go there and sit on their designated places. 

Cute Wedding Seating Chart Ideas

Impress your guests with these new and cute wedding seat chart ideas!

1- Go Traditional

Not asking you to go boring, just traditional. Make the chart creative but if you’re someone who enjoys traditional ways of doing things. Then go for simplistic mapping of tables and chairs. 

Place the names on short pieces of paper. State the table number on the top of the paper, followed by the names of people you’d like to have on that table. And let your guests enjoy the whole wedding without fussing about seating arrangements.

The table number will specify the placement of the table. They just need to find their names in the list. Simple and easy peasy! 

2- Big Tables for Big Families

If you’re someone who has a big family or maybe is a social butterfly and has a guest list of 500 guests. Then this can be the best option for you. Navigating the names and tables with so many guests can be hard. So what you can do is place the table number beside the tables along with the names of guests to be seated on that table. 

You can also specify the category of people who will be sitting there to make things even easier. Like below the table, mention  Co-Workers, or School Friends, like so. Or maybe a family name like “Baby Khala and her Family.” (Well that’s just how it is, we all have at least one Baby Khala in our families). 

3- Alphabetically

If we’re going with a systematic approach then let’s get to the end of it. Instead of specifying table numbers, specify the first alphabets of the family names. Your guests will just have to reach their alphabet and voila… they can get seated there.

4- Simply with Love

To express your gratitude and love for your loved ones on joining you on your biggest day, add the element of love. While you can add a lot of other things as tokens of appreciation as well. But what’s better than flowers? NOTHING!

Add a flower or even a small piece of chocolates with the cards guiding your guests to their seat. It is a wonderful option as it allows you to bring customization as well. Put White flowers for those who embrace the beauty of simplicity. And Pink or Red for those who admire romance in everything. Make them feel special. Let them know you appreciate them taking out time for you.

5- A Little Suspense Hurts No One

We all know that weddings are so much fun on their own. Dressing up, relishing the yummy wedding food, getting clicked by professionals. What’s there not to like? However, that doesn’t imply that this fun cannot be doubled. Adding a little game to normal activities can add the fun part in them. 

Add the suspense element by letting the names pop out of small envelopes while hiding the table or chair number inside them. This will tap on to their natural inclination towards suspense. 

6- Play Them Some More

Play them (not literally) but in a fun way. Make it a fun activity by placing the names and table numbers on a chart paper. Now like a maze, ask them to reach the table number against their own names. 

This 2-3 minute fun activity will boost their happy mood. Chances are they’ll enjoy your wedding more than you anticipated.

7- Fun with Faces

If you’re afraid that your guests won’t be as fun as you’d like them to be, then we have a real option for you. You can simply create a chart with the tables surrounded by the pictures of your guests. This will do you two favors. One; diminish the ambiguity and two, it’ll still be fun.

You can get creative. Use bright colors and other props for this one. 

Tip: Use those ugly goofy pictures of your friends to embarrass them.

8- Let Them Run Wild

Not in a disrespectful way, but let your guests decide where they want to sit. Especially if your guest list is extremely long, try to focus on being happy. Ignore these small details that won’t even matter in the long run. Let them be. And you do you!

We hope you enjoyed these cute fun ideas for customizing the wedding seating charts. For more such content visit our blog page. If you’re planning to get married soon, don’t forget to check out our wedding planning services. 

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