Stunning DIY Wedding Decoration Ideas to Steal the Hearts

DIY wedding decoration ideas are something that can take your decor game to the next level. The vibe of the weddings gets even more vibrant and colorful with the right kind of decor. Although the wedding itself is one event as a whole, each day has a different flavor linked to it. And wedding decor is something that changes the mood of the event. Nikah has a different vibe than an engagement. And similar is the case when it comes to Mayun and Mehndi.

If you’re someone who thinks DIY wedding decor is not your cup of tea. Then worry not. We see you. We hear you. And we have a solution just for you! You can get your dream decor from any of our top notch decor vendors. Visit our website Shadiyana and make your wedding planning easy.

However, the beauty of the decor is enhanced 10 times when the decor is DIY. So, Shadiyana is here with some amazing DIY wedding decor ideas for you! You can use them on not just your own wedding but also for your siblings, cousins, and friends’ wedding. So, let’s dive in!

Outdoor Lunch Arrangement

For small intimate events like Bridal Shower or even Mayun and Dholkis, organize a cute floor setup outdoors. You can go for a pastel colored theme or a bright color like Violet or Fuschia with White. Throw in some floor cushions to make the setting cozy and comfortable. 

It’s even better if you have a garden or lawn in your house that can accommodate small gatherings. It will be like a small picnic table for you and your loved ones. 

Pool Filled with Flowers

Ceremonies like Mayun or Mehndi are a vibrant burst of colors and joy. They are often considered the most enjoyable pre-wedding events. To add in the celebration, consider hosting it by poolside. Arrange some floating flower arrangements adding a refreshing twist to the lively atmosphere. You’ll be creating unforgettable moments against the backdrop of vibrant festivities.

This is an idea that can be done even on the main wedding events like Barat or Walima. Choose a venue that has a pool like a farmhouse. This is one of the DIY Wedding decoration ideas that can bring freshness to your whole event. 

Brighten up Your Day with Some Lights

Especially if your events are happening at night time, lights will not only brighten up the venue but also the mood. Create a romantic vibe with a fairy light tunnel that will add a touch of magic to your wedding ceremony. Walking down this enchanting pathway, surrounded by the soft glow of twinkling lights, as you vow to spend your life with your beloved. So dreamy!

Not only does it create a breathtaking ambiance for your special day, but it also serves as the perfect backdrop for unforgettable photos. It will also allow you and your guests to capture precious memories that will last a lifetime.

Flowers for that Extra Burst of Colors

Some things never go out of style. Just like genda flowers, also known as marigolds. They are a classic choice for traditional weddings. These vibrant flowers not only add a pop of color to the ambiance but also create a festive atmosphere. Especially when used for decorating the tables or the backdrop of the stage. And when it comes to a mehndi ceremony or even a mayun, genda phool is an absolute essential. Thus, bringing out an extra dose of cheer and charm to the celebration. Putting them up on the railing of the house stairs will not only give out the festive fragrance but also the colorful wedding vibe too.

Creative Photo Booths

Indulge your selfie-loving friends with a dedicated space to capture all the fun moments at your wedding. Create a themed photo booth where they can show their creativity and take as many pictures as they like. And we all know making props for that is not very difficult. You can get them made or DIY with simple cardboard boxes and some colorful makers and chart papers. Another fun activity for you and your friends. 

Many photo booths come with quirky signs and props, allowing guests to express their silliness to the fullest. You can also add a couple of polaroid cameras for your friends to take home instant souvenirs of the joyous occasion! 

Stage for Pre Wedding Events

Investing a large sum of money in a wedding stage might seem extravagant. But in Pakistan, an awe-inspiring stage is a must for creating the perfect ambiance. Good news! There are ways to save money and still make a statement by setting up your own stage.

Gone are the days when extensive floral arrangements were the only option for mehndi stages. Since the mehndi ceremony is all about fun and vibrant colors. So, add your personal touch to the stage with some candles, fairy lights, and colorful fabrics. And transform your stage into a stunning backdrop. You can simply drape plain colorful chiffon duppatas over the jhola. Or add pholon ki lariyan over it. Simple yet trendy! 

Get ready to receive compliments on your creative masterpiece!

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Dudh Pilai Glass

We all know how important is the rasam of dudh pilai in weddings. And obviously the whole lime light is on the glass of dudh. Somehow, people attach a lot of importance to this rasam in Pakistan. And let’s be honest! It is fun too.

During this ritual, the bride's sisters, friends and relatives offer a glass of milk to the groom and then playfully demand money in return. While there are various glasses available in the market for this ceremony, they cannot replace the charm of a DIY glass. 

This one tops the list of DIY wedding decoration ideas that will be noticed by everyone. By everyone we mean everyone. From chacha chachi to khala khalu, and their daughters and sons. Everyone is keeping an eye on the money that you’ll be receiving in exchange for this. So get creative because it’s literally a matter of money. 

Make the dudh pilai glass beautiful and attractive that even the groom would not be able to turn down your offer. To add a personal touch to it, consider designing and decorating your own doodh-pilai glass! This creative touch will make the ceremony even more memorable and unique.

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