Unique Ways to Reuse Your Bridal Dress Without Anyone Finding Out

How to reuse your bridal dress once it’s met the ultimate fate of glorifying you? Well, if you’re thinking that the best place for your wedding dress is the back of your closet or a suitcase, then think again! Even though the generation of our parents used to preserve their wedding dresses very carefully. So much so that we as their children were able to reuse those dresses for some wedding events. But do you think a dress made on today's date would survive that long? Of course not. And not just because the dress won’t be in a wearable situation after a few years but also because trends change so rapidly today that brides cannot buy their dresses a year before the actual wedding date.

The trends change. From the choice of fabrics to the colors and embroidery, everything keeps changing. One day people are loving Golds and the next day, you can see them drooling over Silvers. It’s just happening that rapidly.

So the question remains the same. How should you reuse your bridal dress so you won’t waste all the money, effort, and love put in to make that dress.Well, as always, Shadiyana knows exactly what you should do and we’re here to help you with it. 

Store Your Bridal Dress the Right Way!

Wedding dress is hands down one of the most precious and close to the heart dresses. It’s not just a dress that has helped you look the absolute best version of yourself. It contains a lot of emotions, feelings, love, and care from your friends and family members. We understand that it took so much time and effort from you to get it made. So, naturally, it could be a difficult decision for you to not want to keep it. 

Regardless of how you decide to reuse your bridal dress, the first step has to remove any stains or the smell from it. Especially if you had a Summer Wedding, chances are that it will stink. So that should be the first thing. 

If you’re interested to know more about how to store your wedding dress, read our blog here.

Rent It 

Another pretty popular thing these days is to rent the bridal outfit for the day. We all want to wear those heavy, gorgeous designer outfits for our wedding. But once the day has passed, it may intrigue the feelings of guilt. Spending so much money, not even for a full day but just for some hours. Sometimes it may feel like it’s not worth the effort. 

So, save yourself some guilt and money too by renting out the most perfect and dreamy outfit for your wedding. Feel like a princess for the whole day for less than half of what it would cost you otherwise. 

Give to Charity

But if you think it would bring you immense pleasure to create your wedding outfit from scratch. Then do as you please, because after all it’s your day. Only you know what makes you happy. And then, give that outfit to charity. Anyone you know who is getting married. Could be your helper’s daughter, or someone in your neighborhood who might not be able to afford it, give it to them. It’s a delicate piece that needs to be cherished. So let others feel like a princess too. And your feelings of guilt will also turn into feelings of altruism. After all, you'll be helping someone make their special day even more special.

Sell It

Just like how we suggested you rent your bridal outfit, there are a lot of people who would love to buy your dress. So for example you bought a designer outfit for 3 lac, which is a lot of money. You wore it, and enjoyed wearing it. But what now? 

You can sell it to someone who is getting married. This will let them have the same charisma that you did but for a much lesser price. The outfit that you bought for 3 lac, and then you sell it for 250,000. So technically you bought a beautiful heavily embroidered outfit for just PKR 50,000. And the person you sell it to will get it for PKR 250,000 instead of the original price. If she wants she can re-sell it after her events too. Hence, a win-win situation for both of you.

Easy Ways to Restyle Your Bridal Outfit

Well, it’s your shaadi ka jora,but that you barely wore for a few hours. Let’s restyle it so you can cherish it some more. Here are some fun creative ways for you to restyle your bridal outfit without compromising its fashion game. 

1- Use Lehenga Choli Separately

If you wore a lehenga on your wedding day. It is easy to revamp it without anyone finding it out. Use the both pieces separately and change the whole look of the outfit. 

You can wear it to someone's wedding you’re really close to. Or style it for some parties by going for simple tops with the fancy lehenga.

See that? Just changing the style of blouse sleeves altered the whole look of the outfit.  

2- Go Minimal

Now that your lehenga-choli are sorted, let’s discuss the dupatta matters. Trends like no make-up look and minimal embroidery are going crazy these days. Which means this is the best time to make use of your heavy dupattas. Pair those with plain, simple shalwar kameez. Or may be anarkalis. But keep everything else simple. 

Tip: Wear Silk or Velvet for that extra royal effect!

3- Re-Style It Completely

Wedding outfits generally have a lot of cloth like the tails or ghair of your frocks and lehenga. Even the dupatta are a little extra long. So why waste that? 

You can create something completely new from your wedding outfits. Like getting frocks made from your lehenga. Likewise you can also reuse the dupatta. Drape it like a saree and change the complete look of the outfit. 

4- Use Cut Outs

Use the cut outs from your dress and reuse them on some other outfit. The color of the cut outs can fit perfectly in contrast to other outfits. It can be a big step but trust us, this will look so good and so different too. 

If you’re planning your wedding anytime soon, head over to our website by clicking here or reach out to us on our Instagram. Tell us what you like and let us take care of the rest! 

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