Where to Get Your Stylish Bridal Shoes to Complete Your Look

No matter how much emphasis is put on the importance of Bridal Shoes, it will never be enough. It’s not just the color that needs to be pretty and cute. Nowadays it’s also about the shape and style of the bridal shoes. With so many options in the market and almost all of the shoe brands making bridal shoes with slight differences. It makes it hard to choose and decide what to wear with which outfit.

Various Styles of Bridal Shoe 

There are so many options available in the market. A few changes make the whole look of the shoe different. While there are a few options that traditionally go well with certain types of bridal outfits. Like Khussa goes so well with Anarkali and Lehenga. There are a few outfits that require a little more attention. So let’s see what goes well with which outfit and where can you find them living in Pakistan. Here are a few tips that can help you find the right type of bridal shoes for all your events:

  1. Don’t Compromise the Comfort

One thing that cannot be compromised at any cost. The reason why comfort should be your first priority is that wedding events tend to take longer than you might have anticipated. The photoshoots, meeting and greeting the guests, and even sitting on stage wearing a 4-inch high heel can get the best of you. Starting early morning around 10 am, the event days usually conclude around midnight. It might have been okay if it was the case for just a day. But the wedding festivities can last up to a week. So, choose comfort over fashion. If you want to last the whole week without fracturing your bones or tripping on the stage. 

Make sure to try your shoes and walk a few steps before finalizing them. You can find some of the most comfortable bridal shoes at Stylo. Click here to visit their website and order now. 

  1. Keep a Check on Upcoming Sales

While there are other things that need to be taken care of early while planning the looks on your wedding. Bridal Shoes shopping is also one of the things that need some attention. Not as much as the venue or photographer selection. But keeping a check on the upcoming sales and trends will definitely come handy. 

Look around to see when is the best time to purchase shoes in a bulk. Find the shoes you like or shortlist the shoe brands you want to buy from. Then whenever that brand puts a sale on their collection, feel free to indulge yourself in some shopping. You can get more shoes in the same budget from sale. So, the shoes you’ll be needing for your post-wedding lunches and parties will also be taken care of.  Check out Walkeaze for their discounted prices on Bridal Shoes.

Their heels are so comfortable, high but so easy to wear. And the second best part (first being the amazing discounted prices) is that you can even choose a different color from their website. You can find Golds and Silvers and all the colors that are suitable for bridal shoes. 

  1. Consider Your Groom’s Height

While all girls love to wear high pencil heels, don’t forget to consider your groom’s height. If you are taller than average height and so is your groom. Then you need not to worry. Wear whatever you want.

But if the height difference between you and your groom is not very significant, go for platform heels. And not very high because then it won’t look very ideal. Even in the pictures. You can find some pretty reasonable options on ECS.

  1. Choice of Venue

We understand that almost all brides want to wear heels, no matter their height or type but they want to wear heels. While we’re all in for your choice of bridal shoes but don’t forget to consider the type of venue. If you’ve chosen an indoor venue for your wedding events, you’re safe to take all the risks that you want.

But if your wedding is happening outdoors, think it through. Wearing heels on grass or mud even if the space is all carpeted, might not be a good choice. You won’t be able to walk as gracefully as you would have on the floor of an indoor venue. So for such circumstances, make sure you’re considering all the factors that may impact your special day.

So what to do? Compromise your wedding look? Of course not!

Although classic khussa and beautiful kohla puris always remain in fashion. But even other than them, there are so many extricate designed options available in the market these days. A very stylish option could be wearing matching sneakers under your heavy and beautiful lehenga. It’s such a hot choice these days. Brides love to wear them for all the right reasons. They provide the necessary comfort to last you all the events. And it doesn’t let you compromise your overall look either. 

You can find some amazing and beautiful sneakers for brides on Dazzle by Sarah. Not only are the designs amazing but also the quality is good so that you won’t regret trusting us.

  1. Backup Plan 

Lastly, don’t forget to keep a backup pair of shoes for emergencies. A lot is happening on the wedding day. You don’t want all your focus to be on “how do I walk with a broken shoe strap?” And obviously it’s not possible that you keep sitting on the stage for the whole event. How will you take beautiful pictures for the photoshoot? 

So be smart and carry an extra pair of shoes with you. One that matches your bridal dress and can be worn for post wedding dinners, lunches, or get togethers as well.

For more such tips on wedding planning, keep reading our blogs.

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