Ultimate Weight Loss Guide for all Brides-to-be

Losing weight always feels a daunting and complicated process. But Shadiyana is here with a pre-wedding weight loss guide for all the brides to be. 

Who doesn't want to look their best on their big day? With all eyes on the bride, it's natural to want to show confidence and beauty from within. After all, 'happy brides are the prettiest.” And we couldn't agree more! So, if you're gearing up to say 'I do' and your aim is to be the epitome of bridal perfection. Let's dive into some game-changing tips to help you achieve your dream wedding look.

But hold on a second! If you've been sweating it out at the gym and watching your diet religiously. Yet those pesky numbers on the scale refuse to budge, don't fret! It's time to hit the reset button and get back to basics. Bid farewell to pre-wedding jitters as we present to you diet tips to not only prepare you for your special day. But also help you manage your weight like a pro.

Fad Diets? No, No, No!

A lot of focus is put on the way brides look during their wedding events by society. And that sometimes causes unnecessary pressure on them to look “fit” and :smart. Being physically healthy is important but letting your mental health decline due to these is the utmost stupidity. 

Usually this pressure makes the brides opt for fad diets. Including but not limited to any crash diet or keto diet, can help you drop a few pounds drastically in the beginning. But once you’re back on the routine, it starts to get worse. Your strength is not the same, your physical health suffers, and ultimately your mental health starts getting worse too.

It’s like a cycle, one thing leading to another. And before you know it, things might get out of your hand. So, what to do?

Avoid crash diets and free advice at all costs. Go slow and lose weight in healthy ways. Yes you read it right! There are healthy ways to get back in shape that won’t make you regret your choices later on. Likewise, try to stay away from all those who have “opinions” on the way you look. Don’t listen to their advice if they are not experts in the field. 

Tips for Pre Wedding Weight Loss for Every Bride to be

Here are some useful tips for the lovely brides to be”

  • Aim to finish dinner before sunset each day to allow your body ample time to digest before bedtime.
  • Incorporate at least 45 minutes of exercise into your daily routine, including a brisk 30-minute walk.
  • Follow a mini-meal policy by consuming small, balanced meals to keep your metabolism active.
  • Hydrate yourself by aiming for 8 to 10 glasses of water daily to maintain optimal hydration levels.
  • Get enough sleep everyday.
  • Prioritize happiness and positivity to support your mental and emotional health throughout your weight loss journey.

Stay Hydrated!

It may sound a little cliched as we hear it all the time. But since you hear it so often don’t you think there must be some science behind this?

Water makes up the most of our body weight. So it’s important that our body remains hydrated in order to function fully. From digestion to other functions related to the brain and what not, hydration allows your body to work in an optimal manner. 

Aim for at least two to three liters of water each day to keep your body happy and healthy. Make it a habit to carry a water bottle or sipper with you wherever you go. Including those shopping and spin to the markets. 

Tip: Go for a 'Bride-to-be' label for that extra boost of motivation?

Consider incorporating other beverages like lemon water and coconut water into your daily routine. Opt for fruits and veggies with high water content to keep your hydration levels up and your body feeling refreshed.

The perks of staying hydrated extend far beyond quenching your thirst. Enough hydration levels  help flush toxins from your system, leaving you with glowing skin, strong nails, and healthy hair. Plus, it helps in your weight loss journey. Your body will thank you for it! 

Watch Your Calorie Intake

Cutting down on calories is key to shedding those extra pounds and achieving your weight loss goals. So start by keeping track of your daily food intake. Make a list of everything you eat and tally up the calories. Consider using a calorie counting app to monitor your intake more efficiently like Easy Fit Calorie Count. Focus on creating a calorie deficit which means consuming fewer calories than your body needs based on your height and weight. 

Be mindful when dining out, as indulging in favorites like pizza, fries, sugary drinks, and burgers can quickly hinder your progress. In Desi households, staples like butter, ghee, oil, and carbs are abundant which can hinder weight loss efforts. So exercise control over these items to see results for your big day. Remember, consistency is the key.

Resisting temptation when surrounded by tempting Desi delicacies like butter chicken and biryani can be challenging. However, cutting back on these calorie-dense dishes can yield impressive results. Swap out butter and oil for healthier alternatives like olive oil, desi ghee, or simply reduce the amount used in cooking.

Maintain consistent portion sizes by using smaller plates. This is a visual trick that helps control portions without feeling deprived. Remember, there's no such thing as inherently "good" or "bad" foods. It's all about balance. Even if you’re eating an aloo ka paratha but just a couple of bites, it won’t do much harm. But if you are eating salad but 2-3 bowls of it. Then it’ll do you more harm than good. So, avoid overeating even the healthy options. Identify triggers like fries or chips that may lead to overeating and make mindful choices.

Reduce Sugar and Salt Intake

Prioritize reducing sugar intake, along with limiting white foods such as bread and rice, and processed foods to aid in weight loss. While cutting calories is crucial, don't neglect proper nutrition. Starving yourself is never the solution! It leaves you feeling weak and unwell. Aim for a balanced diet that includes protein, such as chicken, red meat, fish, soya, pulses, and daals.

Incorporating a variety of foods like fish, eggs, vegetables, citrus fruits, nuts, seeds, and low-fat dairy ensures you're getting essential nutrients for a well-rounded diet. 

Before your wedding day, it's good to cut back on sugar intake as it adds empty calories without providing any nutritional value. Instead of reaching for artificial sweeteners as a substitute, consider giving your sweet tooth a rest for now. Taking a break from sugary foods can help you feel your best on your big day. Likewise forget namak - hasb e zaiqa, and try to reduce that as well. Now we’re not suggesting you eat pheeka khana. We’re just asking you to be careful about what you’re putting inside your body. Salt can induce water retention in your body which can result in bloating or swelling. So, reduce that as well. 

Substitute Junk Food with Healthy Food

This can come handy especially when you’re out and about for work or anything and for those evening hunger pangs. These are the times when we naturally choose something unhealthy or easy to get options like packet chips or fried foods, etc. So for such a time it's best to be prepared beforehand. Carry some nuts in your bag so you don’t binge on something unhealthy. If you know you’ll be having a meal outside, make sure you have some sandwich or anything home cooked with you. 

Exercise as Much as You Can!

Starting a weight loss journey involves more than just adjusting your diet. It also requires regular exercise to tone your body. Fortunately, exercising doesn't have to be complicated or time-consuming. You can start with simple activities at home, thanks to the exercise apps available or YouTube videos. You can play the videos for Yoga, Cardio or whatever workout suits you at home. Check out Yoga with Adriene for simple exercises that can be done at home without any equipment. Whether you prefer gentle toning exercises or intense workouts, there's something for everyone.

Consistency is key when it comes to seeing results. Establishing a regular exercise routine that includes both cardio and strength training is crucial. While cardio burns calories during the workout, strength training, including exercises with free weights, continues to torch calories even after you've finished exercising.

If you prefer the gym environment, consider working with a personal trainer to tailor a workout plan to meet your specific wedding goals. Regular exercise also works with your metabolism, allowing you to enjoy occasional indulgences without affecting your progress. When you constantly burn calories, your body becomes more efficient at processing food.

For those who aren't fond of traditional workouts, dancing can be a fun alternative. Crank up your favorite tunes and let loose. It's a great way to burn calories and improve your dance skills while having a blast. You can check out Bipasha Basu’s cardio workout videos as well. 

Most Importantly…

All these tips are extremely useful but what’s more important than these is that you stay happy and healthy. Wedding planning is hectic and stressful. But we promise you that a few years down the lane, you’ll be laughing at all these moments when you’ll look back at them. So… stress less, enjoy more, and love yourself! After all, it's your wedding.

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