Secrets to Take Care of Your Wedding Dress Post Wedding

Hello all the lovely, newly wedded brides! 

Congratulations! You've had the dreamiest day of your life, draped in the most gorgeous bridal dress that made you feel like a queen. But what's next? How do you make sure that your exquisite dress lives on in all its glory, preserving those beautiful memories? Fear not, because Shadiyana’s got your back! 

Bridal Dress is a part of the weddings that takes up the most time. Naturally, it would be wise to wonder how to take care of your bridal dress too. Not just the bride but her whole family including the in-laws are invested in trying to figure out the best bridal dress for her. From the stuff of the bridal outfit to the color, type of embroidery to the style, the whole look requires a lot of effort. After going over a gazillion things, finally finding something that matches your style and vibe feels precious. 

How to Take Care of Your Wedding Dress?

We’re here with your go-to guide on how to take care of your bridal dress post-wedding.

Are Closets a Safe Option?

A lot of people tend to believe that if a dress needs to be kept safe then it should be packed in a plastic bag and put away in a closet safely. However, is your closet ACTUALLY a safe option for your bridal dress? Let’s find out together!

Whether you believe it or not, the preservation journey for your bridal dress begins the moment you slip out of that stunning lehenga. These precious garments deserve more than just a spot in the closet. Storing them in stuffy wardrobes, basements, or tucked away attics is not the right way to go a lot of times.Instead, your garment needs space to breathe. Contrary to common misconceptions, treating your bridal dress as an heirloom means cherishing it every day. When designers craft these outfits, the intention is for the bride to relive the magic, wearing it time and again. Not to wrap it and put it away to be taken out after 20-25 years. So, don’t put it away in the closet in that typical box. 

But what should you do then? 

Pre-Storage Things to do

Before stepping right into the storage process, there are a few things that need to be done. So, let’s have a look at them too.

Invest in a Special Box

By special we do not mean that you need to get a custom box made to take care of your bridal dress. Instead, a special box means a container made from acid-free materials. It will keep your dress free from going rusty. And will also keep the color preserved as well.

Battle Stains like a Pro

Let's face it! Weddings can be pretty messy affairs. Food spills, makeup marks, and the occasional dance floor mishap are all part of the game. But fear not! For small stains, use a clean, white cloth and dab (don't rub!) with a mixture of mild soap and water. For the more stubborn ones, it's time to call in the professionals. Instead of experimenting with the bridal dress yourself, take it to a trusted dry cleaner who specializes in bridal wear.

Moderate Temperature

Take heed to avoid stashing your gorgeous dresses in the attic, as the temperature fluctuations there can be quite extreme. Opt instead for a controlled environment like a room where the temperature is stable. Choose a dry location, which will ensure that it's shielded from direct sunlight. This meticulous choice of storage not only safeguards your attire from potential damage but also plays a pivotal role in maintaining both the moisture content and the vibrant colors of your cherished ensemble.

Fold It the Right Way

Precise or correct folding of the bridal outfit holds significant importance to preserve its integrity. Incorrect folds may lead to damage, particularly to the delicate work on the lehenga. Before initiating the folding process, it is recommended to interleave sheets of tissue paper or soft fabrics between the folds. This precautionary step prevents sequins, zari, or any other embroidery from rubbing against each other or becoming entangled. Additionally, periodically changing the folds helps avoid the risk of fabric tearing at specific creases over time.

Handle with Care and Do not Delay the Storage Process

When putting away or retrieving back your lehenga from storage, exercise utmost care in handling it. Resist any impulse to pull or tug at the fabric. Because such actions can lead to unintended damage. Instead, adopt a gentle approach when unfolding the lehenga and allow it to breathe for a few hours before adorning it.

Preserving the quality and beauty of your lehenga or whatever attire you choose for yourself is paramount to safeguard its sentimental and cultural significance. To ensure proper care, store the wedding dress in a breathable garment bag. Shield it from direct sunlight, opt for professional dry cleaning, engage in gentle washing with cold water, employ low-heat ironing. And practice careful folding to protect the embroidery on the dress. 

Whether your prized possession is a self-designed outfit or a top designer masterpiece, adhering to these guidelines will assist you in maintaining the enduring beauty and elegance of your cherished wedding dress.

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What do brides do with the bridal dress after the wedding is over?

Traditionally, brides used to keep it as a precious memory for their wedding day but now, they like to reuse it by making a few changes in the overall outfit.

What is the traditional attire for brides?

It really depends on the event but mostly brides choose lehenga for their wedding day. 

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