Excellent Photographers for Outdoor Wedding Shoots in Islamabad

Outdoor Wedding Shoots in Islamabad have been a trend for a long time. And the only drawback is that the bride and groom find it hard to come up with new and different poses for them. However, Shadiyana.pk has found the perfect solution for you. 

With these amazing photographers and their peculiar approach towards the outdoor shoots, it is no longer a problem now. A place like Islamabad has so many aesthetic places that provide the perfect backdrop for your wedding photoshoots. These become full of life when captured by skillful and talented teams of the best photographers

So, let’s introduce you to these photographers that need no introduction. 

List of Amazing 10 Photographers for Outdoor Wedding Shoots in Islamabad

  1. Maha’s Photography
  2. Mehreen’s Photography
  3. Hamza Shafique Photography
  4. Farah Photography & Films
  5. Hamza Ahmed Photography
  6. Moon’s Photography
  7. SHN Photography
  8. Memory Lane
  9. Fadil’s Studio
  10. Brand Illusion
Maha's Photography F-10/2, Islamabad 
Mehreen's Photography Police Foundation, Islamabad 
Hamza Shafique PhotographyI-14, Islamabad 
Farah Photography & Films G10, Islamabad 
Hamza Ahmed Photography Park View City, Islamabad 
Moon's Photography Studio Expressway, Islamabad 
SHN PhotographyBahria Town, Rawalpindi 
Memory LaneWah Cantt 
Fadil's Studio Murre Road, Rawalpindi 
 Brand IllusionBahria Town, Rawalpindi 

Maha’s Photography

From Ayeza Khan to Hania Amir, from Farhan Saeed to Wahaj Ali, Maha’s Photography is undoubtedly every celebrity’s favorite. Not only has she covered the weddings of your favorite celebrities including Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khan but she is also their first choice for photoshoots. Recently, the team covered the mesmerizing photoshoot of Yumna Zaidi and Wajah Ali and my God… Everyone was left in awe of the whole vibe. 

The shoot was based on multiple events in a desi wedding including mayun, mehndi, nikah, baraat, and walima. But, due to its vibes, the shoot for mayun was the most appreciated one among the people. Maha’s Photography is an Islamabad based photography service but also provides services in Dubai and Turkey. She has also recently been declared as the first female photographer with 2 million followers on instagram. Hence, making her your ultimate solution for all photography coverage including couple shoots. 

Location: HRSG Building Idrees Market, Sector F-10/2, Islamabad

Mehreen’s Photography

If you’re someone who loves taking pictures but doesn’t know how to pose then, Mehreen’s Photography is for you. The team not only makes sure that the couple is comfortable during the shoot but also has great suggestions for shooting in every situation. They have covered a lot of events but the outdoor shoots remain their best work till date. Whether it’s a daytime shoot or nighttime, Mehreen’s Photography has an eye to see the best out of all. 

Location: Police Foundation, O-9, Islamabad

Hamza Shafique Photography

Experience the artistry of Hamza Shafique Photography, with an impeccable eye for detail and a knack for capturing raw emotions, Hamza beautifully immortalizes your special moments. From candid shots to stunning portraits, his photography style reflects the true essence of your story. Trust Hamza Shafique Photography to turn your cherished memories into timeless work of art.

Location: I-14, Islamabad

Farah Photography & Films

Embark on a visual journey of your weddings events with Farah Photography. With a passion for storytelling and a unique sense of aesthetics, Farah captures the essence of your special moments with grace and artistry. From heartfelt emotions to exquisite details, her photography preserves the beauty of your story in every frame. Trust Farah Photography to create a collection of memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Location: G 10 Markaz near Babri Masjid, Islamabad

Hamza Ahmed Photography

Enter the world of visual storytelling of your wedding with Hamza Ahmed Photography. With a passion for capturing authentic moments and a creative eye for composition, the team weaves together a tapestry of memories that reflect the true essence of your special day. From candid shots that capture the laughter and joy to timeless portraits that radiate love, Hamza's photography style beautifully narrates your unique story. Trust Hamza Ahmed Photography to freeze those precious moments in time, preserving them for eternity with an artistic touch that will leave you breathless.

Location: Park View City, Islamabad

Moon’s Photography Studio

Capture your captivating moments with Moon’s Photography Studio. Their outdoor photography expertise allows you to harness the beauty of nature as a backdrop for your precious memories. From sun-kissed meadows to golden sunsets, they artfully capture the essence of every moment, creating a visual narrative that speaks volumes. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, Moon’s Photography Studio strives to create photographs that transport you back to those cherished moments, evoking emotions that are as timeless as the moon itself. Trust Moon’s Photography Studio to illuminate your love story in the most breathtaking way.

Location: Expressway, Near PSO Petrol Pump, Islamabad

SHN Photography

Another Pakistan based photographer who also provides services in Dubai and Turkey. So, get ready to experience photography like never before with SHN Photography! Their lens captures the magic and spontaneity of your special moments with a dash of creativity and a sprinkle of fun. From laughter-filled candid shots to breathtaking portraits, SHN Photography turns every frame into a masterpiece that tells your unique story. Get ready to strike a pose, let loose, and create memories that will make you smile for years to come!

Location:  Near Eagle Chowk, Phase 7 Bahria Town, Rawalpindi

Memory Lane

Take a stroll down Memory Lane, where moments turn into cherished memories. With a focus on capturing the essence of your journey, Memory Lane Photography crafts timeless images that transport you back in time. From intimate indoor shoots to breathtaking outdoor escapades, their lens captures the beauty of nature, adding an extra touch of magic to your story. Let Memory Lane Photography guide you on a visual adventure, where every click freezes a moment worth reliving.

Location: Wah Model Town, Wah Cantt

Fadil’s Studio

Although, mostly known for wedding shoots but Fadil’s Studio offers exceptional services for all your events. Be it your portfolio, product shoot, any corporate event, they can do it all and how. One of the amazing perks of availing their services is that you don’t have to visit them to make your bookings because they also offer online bookings. With so many wedding preparations going around, you can easily book from the comfort of your house. They are explicitly known for converting and delivering your wedding story through their lens. 

Location: Office LG-10, Midcity Mall, Murree Road, Rawalpindi

Brand Illusion

Brand Illusion is a creative haven where ideas come to life. With a team of passionate artists and storytellers, they specialize in crafting immersive brand experiences that captivate and inspire. From captivating visuals to strategic designs, we blend creativity and innovation to create a powerful brand presence that leaves a lasting impression. Step into a world of limitless possibilities and let Brand Illusion transform your vision into reality, making your brand stand out in a sea of competition. Get ready to unleash the full potential of your brand with our imaginative touch.

Location: Office No. 301, Plaza 153-D, Near Rasheed Sweet, Civic Center, Bahria Town, Phase 4, Rawalpindi

So, if you are planning outdoor wedding shoots for yourself or someone you know, these 10 photographers should be your top choice. 

Also, don’t forget to visit Shadiyana.pk to avail amazing deals. 

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