How to Break the News About Your Soulmate to Your parents?

“Jab pyaar kia tou darna kia?”

So you found your soulmate? The One? Decided to spend the rest of your life with them? You asked or got asked the “question?” Riding the excitement high, while suddenly the panic sets in? How are you going to break the news about your soulmate to your parents?!

Full blown panic!

But wait... As long as Shadiyana exists, we can get you out of all difficult situations regarding weddings.

Whether it is talking to your parents about the soulmate or getting ready for the final day, Shadiyana has got your back!

Here are some pointers on how to tell your parents that you found "the one." So let’s dive right in.

The Gist

  • Confidence is the Key
  • Should come from you, and only you
  • Don't be abrupt
  • Practice in front of the mirror
  • Siblings are a life boat
  • Friends are the paddles of the life boat
  • Get creative or get busy marrying someone else
  • Teamwork makes the dream work
  • One book, same page

The Full Manual

  • Be Confident in Your Decision

Marriage with your soulmate is a big step, a life-changing one at that. So, first and foremost, it is important that you realize the importance of marriage and the responsibilities that follow. Make sure that you are ready for marriage and commitment, and not doing this out of impulse or because everyone is doing it. Proposals need to be thought over and evaluated before being accepted. And make sure no one is pressuring you.

If You are Confident in Yourself, They will be Too.

So, firstly, ponder over it, think it through. Once you’ve reached a conclusion that you are completely satisfied with this person as your soulmate, move towards talking to your parents about it. Once you are completely sure about this decision and what’s best for you, it will become easy to convince the people around you of it as well. As with parents, they can easily see through a fallacy, after all, they know you since you were a baby.

  • Make Sure They Hear it from You

One thing that parents value the most is trust. The news of marriage is a big one, especially if you’re the youngest child. It is crucial that your parents hear the news of the soulmate from you, instead of someone else. Make sure that they are the first ones to know about it, this reinforces their role as parents. This shows that they are still the most important people in your life, and they are the first ones you thought of. 

Hearing the news from someone else will only lead to feelings of hurt and will only alienate you from them. If you want them to stand by you, make sure to involve them first and foremost. Take their advice, do not get upset if they reject it initially, after all, it is a big alteration and will take time to adjust. Try to listen to their viewpoints and consider them, do not let this decision be entirely your own.


  • Don’t be Abrupt

One of the main reasons why parents are so hard to convince for marriage proposal is because it is the first time they are hearing about your love life or soulmate. First time for them to even think of you as a husband/wife to someone. Emotions can even get high. Try to take them in the loop early on, by slowly building up to the fact that you are looking to settle down. In this way, you are slowly preparing their minds for the changes afoot. This provides cushioning for when you finally break the big news, as it won’t be something new and unexpected for them.


  • Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice what you’re going to say to your parents. Draft a whole speech and run it by your friends and siblings before delivering it to the parents. Do not think that you can “wing it” because...

Sabkay chakay choot jatay hain


And timing is also important. Don't bring up the subject of soulmate when everyone is already in a bad mood, running to the office or hangry. Your parents know you very well, but you know them very well too. We suggest bringing up the topic after everyone has a meal but before they sleep/nap. Bring them a cup of tea, massage your dad's feet. Makhan bhi lagain. All is fair in love and war, and we hope it doesn't come to the latter.


  • Siblings are Your Safest Bet

Remember when you wanted to get permission for that trip and your mother did not allow you? But then your brother stepped in, and you got to go on that trip and make beautiful memories?

Well, this is precisely why you should start making good with your siblings before breaking the news to your parents. Have a united front. Get your siblings to agree with you and get them to help you convince your parents. If your parents see that everyone agrees to your decision, the likelihood of them loosening up increases significantly.


  • Involve Your Friends

If there’s someone who your parents are going to contact to get news about you, it is your friends. Your parents are more likely to listen to your friend’s opinions in situations like these and trust them over yours because they think they are the more rational ones (and you have always been the bad influence on everyone). Friends are the smartest option to use. They are the lucky cards you can play and trust that things will work out in your favor. Because it is very likely that your parents will try to use your friends to convince you out of your decision as well, it's only fair to get them on your team first.


  • Make it Creative

Try to make it as interesting and convincing as possible. Take them out for dinner, make them feel important. Take them somewhere sentimental, or nostalgic, the place you choose can remarkably increase your chances of getting an easy way out. Pay the bill. Make your speech emotional, highlighting their role in your life, show them that you are fully capable and that you fully trust your decision.


  • Involve Them in the Process

Make it a bonding experience. After all, your parents are your best friends and your well-wishers. The advice that they give you will always help you. You might think otherwise at times but it's crucial to remember that all your parents want is to see you happy and successful, so listening to them is not the wildest of options. Rather, it’s a very smart one. Once you’ve broken the news to them, you can ask them for help. Ask them for help talking to the soulmate's parents. Make the two parties meet, surely it will work out.


  • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Keep your significant other on board with you, make sure you both are taking all the steps together. Share this blog to help them break the news to their parents as well😉. Work in close coordination so that both parents are ready in case one immediately decides to meet the other. It's important you both are on the same page and expectations are set early on, don't just wing it!


  • Make Sure You and Your Soulmate are All on the Same Page

Wedding is a big transition, it’s hard for parents to let go of their child, to accept that they are finally their own person. Make sure that you are keeping their feelings in account and understanding their viewpoints and  that your attitude also reflects respect for theirs, and not go around saying

“This is what I am going to do and your opinion is invalid”

As if it is set in stone. Make sure that they understand where you stand with this decision and try to get everyone on the same page. 

Lastly, trust the process. Let things work out the way they do, in retrospect, the decision you make will be the best one. You got this! Muah!



What's Next? Planning the Wedding with Your  Soulmate

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