8 Ways to Plan Affordable Exciting Wedding!
There is always a trade off between making the perfect exciting wedding happen or making it affordable... right? Well not always. When there is a will there is a way! And we know the way.

Mehngai Kay Zamanay main Exciting Wedding?

This economy is difficult but that does not mean you shouldn't have an exciting wedding? We want to help you in any way we can to enable you to have an exciting wedding which is easy on the wallet.  Let's face it! Everyone wants their marriage to be the BEST yet affordable, but sometimes the pursuit of a “dream” wedding can lead you down to a manhole known as "Bankruptcy." And neither asking for a loan is a wise choice. 

So, one thing that you can do is follow our advice for planning a budget wedding. Remember, an affordable wedding clearly does not mean settling for something cheap. It means choosing the best while keeping the cost minimum

Although many expenses are bound to happen, yet with some tips, a few can be effectively cut off. The shorter version:

  • Proper Planning - think about your future
  • Limit the number of guests
  • Be creative with vendors
  • Choosing an affordable venue
  • Quality ki dish honi chahiye not quantity
  • Decor is important, but so is your bank balance
  • Say no to designer dress and say yes to saving money
  • Cut out the extra functions

The more effective longer version:

  1. Start Preparing for Exciting Wedding Beforehand
  2. Wedding planning is no easy task, and not inexpensive in the very least. Suppose you want to have a budget wedding. In that case, you should have proper knowledge of such Photographers, Makeup Artists and venues who would provide you their services at much cheaper rates while maintaining the quality, such salons who would doll/groom you up without charging much, and such affordable venues that would not give you a run for your money. Just to make the work easier, Shadiyana has incorporated very easy to use filters for you to find the wonderful vendors as easy as saying "1, 2, 3". 

    For planning, you would have to start preparing a few months before, because when there is a race against time, people always choose the expensive ones, whether their services are up to the mark or not. 

    But don't you worry. At Shadiyana, you can easily find all the services mentioned earlier according to your desired budget with amazing deals, for Photographers, Makeup Artists and Venues

  3. Keep the Disaster Known as the "Guest List" at Bay
  4. Affordable wedding ideas

    No doubt that wedding is an auspicious event for you, and you would want to surround yourself with as many people as possible. But inviting every other person would not be a wise choice. 

    Like asking your uncle would definitely not be a wrong decision but inviting your uncle's uncle's friend's wife's grandchild's neighbor would be. With each new person is an additional cost. So, if you want to cut down some extra expenses, you should start from here. 

    Moreover, you would enjoy yourself more in the company of people who are close to you, like your close relatives and friends. Not with those whom you barely even know about and invited just because you felt obligated to.

  5. Think Outside the Box
  6. Affordable wedding ideas simple ways

    Instead of throwing away your money on some expensive vendors, you can ask your friends or family to contribute. Indeed you will find some talented photographers among your family or friends. 

    The same goes for make-up artists and even musicians. Among your friends or relatives, there probably would be someone who would be well-known for their long-lasting magical make-up. 

    Whereas for sounds, you can contact your prior university for musicians and ask for some talented musicians from the music society or something. They, if not free, would be willing to provide their services at a low price.

    If you have friends/family members that make amazing cakes, why not ask them to make you a wedding cake? 

  7. Choose an Affordable Venue
  8. Perhaps, out of all the wedding preparation, choosing a desirable venue is the most challenging part. With so many different options available, mostly all at a high price, no doubt it is also the most expensive thing on your wedding list. Shadiyana also offers crazy good deals for you to explore on venues. 

    Depending on your number of guests, you can arrange the set-up at some nearby empty plot or even at your house (inside or at the roof under the stars). It would not only save you from the hundreds of thousands you would be spending on a Marquee or some classic hall but also would be more beneficial to people as due to Covid-19, an outdoor function is considered much better than an inside one. 

    If anyone of your friends or family has a farmhouse or beautiful house, why not avail that (with their permission and blessings of course). 

    You can also look for a budget-friendly marriage venue that meets your needs. It would be best if you made sure that Hall's ventilation system is working properly.

  9. Avoid Those 10 Not-So-Tasty Dishes
  10. Affordable wedding ideas 8 simple ways

    Let's be honest; at the end of the day, no one would care how expensive the make-up or how famous the photographer was. 

    But the one thing that everyone would bat an eye on is the taste of the food. 

    So, you should definitely invest your money in the catering service. However, it certainly does not mean that you should have to go for ten different dishes to please your guests, whereas the same can be achieved with only 2-3 dishes. Prioritize quality over quantity. Always. 

  11. Try Not to Waste Money on Décor
  12. One thing that you can do to cut down expenses is replacing the actual flowers with fake ones and trust me, no one would even notice the difference. I mean, why waste money on flowers when at the end of the day, they are just going to wither? 

    Nevertheless, if you still want flowers to be a part of your wedding, you can cut down the extra décor materials like frames, cages, lighting stands, etc. It will also do the trick. 

    Gather all helping hands before the wedding, set up an assembly line and DIY your own décor, we bet you that you will have loads of fun and save money.  

  13. Let Not Yourself be Overwhelmed by the Designer Dress
  14. Affordable wedding ideas simple ways to take your wedding to the next level

    There is no denying to the fact that Bridal dress is of great importance. However, with the so-called Designer dress, you can probably say goodbye to a budget-friendly wedding. 

    Therefore, instead of buying a designer dress, you can either design one yourself or choose from the local market or even rent it out. 

    Like in Lahore, you can find some great and affordable wedding dresses at Anarkali and Ichhra Bazaar, in Karachi, the famous Saddar and Tariq Road, while in Islamabad, the renowned hub, Aabpara Market and F-7 Markaz.

    Or visit Rawalpindi's Purana Kila and find copies of designer wear dresses. Explore the local market, find a suitable bridal shop, and turn your dreamy designs into reality by letting the creative person inside you taking hold of you. 

    Moreover, getting the designer dress replicated from a local market or renting out from Closet or ShadiBazar is also not a bad idea. These helpful sites let you rent out bridal and groom dresses at affordable rates. 

  15. Cut Out Those Extra Functions
  16. A great way to save up a lot of money is by cutting off unnecessary functions like Dholki, bridal shower, etc., which usually happens before the wedding. You can also save some more money by taking out functions like Mayun, Qawali night, etc., from your list. 

    Although the option of a simple Nikkah followed by a dinner between close people is always on this list.

    How to Have an Exciting Wedding?

    In the end, all that matters is that you enjoy it. Whether it be a lavish one or a simpler one, forming unforgettable memories and having fun is what matters, not the amount of money you spend or how lavish the event looks. We also have some trendy (and of course affordable) tiny tweeks that can make your wedding even more beautiful.