How to Treat the Photographer on Wedding?

Anywhere you go in the world, you may find stereotypes regarding photographer on wedding. Often the things we do in our job appear easy to do to others. For example photographers are not taken seriously. This is so because majority of the people think that photography is an easy thing to do and that anyone can do it.

Remarks like "Wow, your camera is nice. It must take great photos!" or “Your work is so easy, you just have to press a button” can be hurtful to the artist who has put immeasurable hours to master their skill. Honestly, it is our nature to undermine the complexity of things we do not know much about. The efforts photographers put into finding perfection in your frame are all that they charge for. It is said that:

Photographers don’t take a picture, they make it

-Ansel Adams

Event Photographer on Wedding

The extensive work of covering a whole event during a wide variety of occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or weddings makes "Event Photography" one of the most difficult genres in this field. Wedding photography is a genre of its own where making a whole documentary of the event through your pictures is a hectic task. To book photographers on wedding, visit Shadiyana to get the best deals in the market. Event photographers suffer the most when it comes to people not treating photographers right. Whenever people hire them to cover any event, they face a lot of humiliation just for doing their job. 

Let’s talk about how one should treat a photographer on his/her wedding.   

  1. Book the Photographer in Advance
  2. When it is Shaadi season, the demand for photographers sky-rocket. Thus, to find a professional photographer at that time is nearly impossible. Usually, they work for whole days covering a wedding at noon and then another at night. So, they are usually all packed and there isn’t any slot available for them to adjust you. Asking a photographer to cover your wedding in between their appointments seems a bit cruel to be fair. It is better to make bookings for the wedding photographers in advance so there is no problem for the photographer to manage you during their busy routine.   

  3. Pay Them on Time
  4. Whenever you hire a photographer on wedding, then own up to the deal you agreed on. Most photographers take an advance amount before the event and the rest after the coverage. So make sure that their fees are paid on time and they don’t have to face any difficulty from this side. It is a common sight these days that sometimes people ask them to cover the “mehndi” or “dholki” functions. People expect them to adjust those prices in the main package of the wedding that only covered the reception event. Asking an artist to do free work not only violates their agreement but also wastes their time.

  5. Treating Photographer on Wedding like Other Guests
  6. Photographer on wedding are just like you and thus, demand your respect the same way your guests do. Often times the photographers are considered aliens in such events. The very first thing one should consider in regards to photographers is to make certain that they have everything they need for the wedding before the event starts. For example, the photographers are very conscious of the lighting scenarios in wedding halls because photographers work on the motto, “Work hard on pre-shoot and rest on post-shoots.” So get in touch with the hall’s management and make all the necessary arrangements before the event starts. So, everything can go smoothly and you have your pictures the way you wanted them to be. Make sure that they are not facing any kind of difficulty during the wedding or you can ask someone from your family to look after them.

  7. Sharing Your Expectations Beforehand
  8. If you have any pointers you want the photographer on wedding to know like respecting the privacy of the bride or avoiding clicks when people are eating, just tell him before the event. So, they can have it on their minds before the wedding. Moreover, when the food is served, stop the shoots and ask the photographer to join the other guests. During the ceremony, if you want the photographer to take some pictures of you, just ask him gently. At weddings, everyone wants their pictures by the photographer. So, waiting for your turn to come won’t be a bad thing. If they are busy with some other guest, let them be free from there and then come to you. 

  9. Appreciate the Talent
  10. As an artist, photographers like compliments for their skills. The time and effort to become a pro in any field are immeasurable. Disrespecting their talent by saying, “I think if you took the pictures from this angle, the result would be much better” or “Your camera only has 16MP? My smartphone has more than that!” is so degrading. If you hire a photographer for a job, you have to let him do his job. If you are not satisfied with the results, let them know gently.  Furthermore, regarding the dismissal of wedding photos, it is fairly understandable that the photos go through a long process of editing, so it takes time.  Click here to get to know about the things to look for in a wedding photographer.

  11. Respect Their Space
  12. On weddings, people bring their cameras with them and  have their separate wedding shoots going on for the newlyweds and themselves too. In doing this, they often cause hindrance for the photographer on wedding. Now photographers usually don’t say a lot because they find a way to capture what they mean to, but such discrepancies can sometimes cause problems when they miss an important shot just because one of the guests came in between. All in all, it is important to respect the photographer’s space. In the end, you will get all the highlights of the weddings because that is what photographers are there to provide you.

Photographer on Wedding

Whilst everyone has it on their mind that their wedding has to be the best, one should not be inconsiderate of those who make the wedding possible. In fact, make it easier for the photographers, videographers, and the caterers to perform their services. Make them part of your wedding and celebrate it with them. Treat them the same way that the guests are treated. It is also important to make sure that the guests are being cooperative with them. And then, you just need to sit back, enjoy and live in the moment.