Things To Look For In A Wedding Photographer

For a wedding, the highlights and details are archived and collected in photographs. They serve as memoirs of a very important time in one’s life. Therefore, it is necessary to get the right person for this job. The photographer is probably the most important non-family individual present at a wedding. Here are some things you need to keep in mind when booking the person clicking snaps for your wedding.

The gist:

  1. No forcing uncomfortable poses
  2. Accommodating your ideas
  3. Good Portfolio
  4. Gender And Culture Sensitivity
  5. Respecting Boundaries
  6. Good Charging Rates
  7. A Positive Vibe
  8. Editing Skill 100/100
  9. Punctuality Matters

The Story:

  1. They don’t force you to make uncomfortable poses
  2. It’s possible you envisioned your wedding a certain way. And maybe that didn’t include uncomfortable poses, maybe you didn’t like Titanic and didn’t want to be Rose or Jack. And that is fine. But having a photographer that understands your need to not make uncomfortable poses is key. Of course, you have to communicate too. A photographer that realizes it’s more about the wedding and making you feel special than about having pictures for social media is a gem of a photographer.

  3. Accommodating your ideas for a photoshoot
  4. And maybe you like Titanic and want to be Rose or Jack. A photographer that incorporates your ideas as well as a wonderful photographer. Knowing the importance of customer satisfaction is key. It’s also important they are open to feedback to change in poses that you want to do and not laugh or roll their eyes at you.

  5. Having A Good Portfolio
  6. It goes without saying everyone wants a good photographer and sometimes a good portfolio is a good way to ensure quality. But be mindful that having lots of pictures taken doesn’t make everyone a good photographer, it’s about quality, not quantity. If the photographer has taken only a few pictures in his life but they were spectacular outweighs a photographer who has taken millions of mediocre pictures.

  7. Gender And Culture Sensitivity
  8. Maybe your cousins/friends do not want to be photographed, and that is a perfectly valid reason. But reasons aside, the photographers should be mindful of family-friends dynamics and privacy.

  9. Respecting Boundaries
  10. For whatever reason, you do not want much skin-to-skin contact in pictures with your fiancé/just nikkafied husband/valima-ified husband, it is your choice. And you should communicate with the photographer. Maybe your family isn’t comfortable with PDA and you want to respect that. Your boundaries are important and finding a photographer that respects them is very important for your big day.

  11. Good Charging Rates
  12. No one wants to spend too much money. But finding a photographer within your budget is important. We would suggest visiting Shadiyan and using the budget filter to find the photographer you need.

  13. A Positive Vibe
  14. Nervous. Uncomfortable. Excited. No matter how many mixed feelings you are feeling, you need a photographer that has a positive attitude, that can diffuse the tension and put your mind at ease. Cracking jokes, vibing with people, all these factors can impact your wedding day.

  15. Editing Skills 100/100
  16. One main job of a photographer is editing pictures post-wedding. See previous works and do your homework to have a talented person taking your pictures.

  17. Punctuality Matters
  18. Punctuality is super important for a photographer, you want him to be present at the most key moments and don’t miss the golden hour slot. You have too much on your plate already to worry about the photographer not showing up at your event.

We hope these tips and tricks helped!

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