Why normalizing adoption is need of the hour

A concept harboring no ill-intentions has been stigmatized to the extent of being a taboo. Even today, people flinch at the concept of adoption as something abhorrent or inappropriate while it is a concept based purely on love, affection and humanity. Society needs to understand that there is nothing wrong with it. Here we give you a starter pack for this phenomenon.

Every Child Deserves Love

A child is a soul devoid of malice and ill intent. It is pure of all flaws and evils the moment it is born until it’s early years. To say that not all those children are worthy of love and compassion would be an incorrect statement. There are so many children who are devoid of affection. Yet, there is no reason they should not have an access to it. Children are fragile creatures who need both financial and emotional care.

Adoption is the call to give love, mercy and patience

To provide a child with love and care is such a pure and wholehearted concept having no substitutes. Every child deserves the right to a home full of love, care, affection.

Every Child Deserves Protection

Another point which can be made is that some children are survivors of neglect, abuse and domestic violence and are thus heavily scarred. The only way to make them recover is through adoption into a loving and caring family. There is no better way of therapy.

The only medicine for hatred is love

Children coming from such backgrounds have no role to play in their suffering. They are scarred and need the care that will make them able to live their lives again. Therefore, to make sure that every child regardless of their background has access to those things, adoption must be normalized.

Refuge for lost children

War, genocide and conflict is horrible and atrocious. One of the darkest sides of this phenomena is the fact that while men die on the battlefield, they leave their women and particularly children behind in a wretched and miserable state. Same thing is associated with natural calamities such as earthquakes, an instance of which can be explained by the 2005 Kashmir Earthquake which killed 80,000 people and left many children orphaned. While shelter homes and SOS Villages are a thing, they are not exactly the substitute for a home. Wouldn’t it be better if those children had been adopted by couples who could provide them with the stability and comfort of a financially and emotionally secure place. Think about it?

Family Planning

With the ongoing population crisis and growing dialogue on family planning and planned parenthood, adoption can be a viable and useful alternative in this regard. Children are one of the top things to be on the same page about with your spouse Not only does it complete families but also limits the alarming issue of population growth by giving already existing children homes which will very happily accommodate them. Also it is worth noting that while couples want to have children, they might be hesitant to have them by birth as it comes with it's own host of challenges. This is especially true for women with the further threat of the couple passing down genetic diseases. Adoption is the ideal solution for couples with those type of concerns.

Universal Access to Parenthood

Let’s face it, not every couple has the ability to have children my birth. Often such couples miss out on the marvels of parenthood just because of the stigma that surrounds adoption. If we bring down those cultural barriers, not only will those couples find it way easier to adopt and start families but it will make the access to parenthood universal and easier for a lot of people. Having no children is one of the fragile aspects of a relationship and can seriously hamper marriages. Adoption normalization is one of the few saviors in this aspect. Not only does it prove to be a gamechanger for couples but also for children who might just be looking for ambitious parents to come for them. It's like solving two issues with a single practically efficient solution.

Parenthood Requires Love, not DNA

Cultural Integration

In our society, there is a general bias and prejudice held against adopted children, for reasons that they have no authority and responsibility over. To help overcome this, parents can go for the hybrid option of having both children by birth and adoption which is not just speculation but practically possible as well. Raising both kids as their very own is realistically possible as can be seen in this podcast. To establish an egalitarian society, children from all backgrounds must be given the same opportunities and stigmas must be eradicated, and adoption is one of the most wholesome and efficient concepts in this regard.

Removal of Social Barriers

Let's face it, adoption has been heavily stigmatized due to some social barriers which are in turn shaped by patriarchal and cultural influences. There is a general perception which holds that adopted children do not really qualify as legitimate children thus permeating an image which shows them to be inferior to that of birth children. While consistent debates, statistics and public efforts are being thrown in the effort for effectively combating this, the best way to solve this is normalization. How is that possible? By people adapting this concept to an extent that it ceases to remain a stigma anymore. By adoption being common practice, all associated negative thoughts shall gladly fade away.

Adoption for all it's wholesomeness and the fact that it provides such an efficient solution to a multitude of problems is still considered a taboo and frowned upon in our society with hostile stereotypes attributed to it. However it is nothing but a concept based on the finest qualities of the human spirit. If normalized, it can help so many children and families that it's consequences will have nothing but a net positive effect.

Adopting one child won't change the world but it will change the world for that child