Best Freelance Makeup Artists to Visit in Islamabad

Talented Freelance makeup artist is something we all should experience once or a few hundred times. And makeup is a crucial part of the wedding, deny all you want but that matters more than the food you serve to the guests. To make your wedding journey seamless yet pleasant, we have curated a list of amazing Freelance Makeup Artists who can give you the undivided attention that you deserve.

The Gist

  1. The Glitter Lounge By Marium
  2. Mehreen Ejaz - Makeup Studio
  3. Mehr Islam
  4. Emaan and Ayesha
  5. Anum Farhan
  6. Hermoso
  7. Alizay Sohail
  8. Grandeur Glam by Rabail Fatima
  9. Rimsha Fatima
  10. Rahmeen Zubaida
  11. Shahefa Farooq
  12. Glitter Room By Sibel Gilani
  13. Hina Zain
  14. Beauty By Aisha

The whole truth and nothing but the truth:

  • The Glitter Lounge By Marium
  • Her expertise lies in enhancing your God-given features along with paying special attention to your complexion and skin type. We personally witnessed getting a mini spa before the makeup was applied so our skin is nicely prepped up. Oh and if you don’t want to look like white ghost at your wedding then you should check our girl, Marium out. She makes sure the groom recognizes the bride before and after the event.

    Check her out here:

  • Mehreen Ejaz - Makeup Studio
  • She is not only talented, but takes immense care of hygiene. She is a wizard with makeup brushes and magical wands. Her expertise lies enhancing your natural beauty. Each of her makeup visions are very customer centric where she observes your specific facial cut rather than putting a thick filter. Furthermore, her soft and full glam looks are very Instagram worthy.

    She even has special tools that doesn’t allow double dipping! And disinfects all the brushes and applications tools so your skin doesn’t become contaminated in any way. 

    Check the work here:

  • Mehr Islam
  • If you want something subtle, and no so much in-your-face then check out Mehr, she adds this glow that looks natural on you and her signature ‘pop of color on the eyes’ will take you from pretty to stunning!

    She has also tons of experience working with amazing salons like Glam Street and has a certain eye for detailing in the right place.

    Check the work here:

  • Anum Farhan
  • There are many people who make the effort to make you look pretty, but Anum also makes you feel pretty and that is something truly unique. Her prices are also not over the top and are digestible. She also travels to your home and dolls you up at the comfort of your home. Completely eliminating all the traffic hassle and tension of reaching the salon.

    Check the work here:

    Did you know that you can checkout the Makeup artists of Shadiyana and then select “Independent” in the filters to find the best Freelance makeup artist just for you?

  • Hermoso
  • If you are on the Islamabad Salon & Fashion Forum group on Facebook then you definitely must have heard about Hermoso. She is a talented makeup artist and advocates the enhancement of natural beauty. She has perfected the art of making brides have that innocent and soft look.

  • Alizay Sohail
  • Soft and glow-y was made possible by Alizay Sohail. She adds a real time Instagram filter on you that will surely leave jaws dropping and hearts stealing. She also travels to home that makes getting ready very convenient. Also her blush game is really strong if you like peachy-rosey cheeks. Makeup is an art and undoubtedly, she is an artist.
    Check the work here:

  • Grandeur Glam by Rabail Fatima
  • Halo or highlighter? Rabail knows what she is doing. Her precision, talent and attention to detail will take your normal pretty self to a confident gorgeous diva and that too in no time!

    Check the work here:

  • Rimsha Fatima
  • There is nothing wrong with looking attractive especially when it's very much possible with Rimsha. She can create the best modern and sultry makeup looks that is suited for your face and use to those eyeshadows to make your eyes hypnotically beautiful.
    Check the work here:

  • Rahmeen Zubaida
  • She is not afraid to make you look beautiful because her confident brush strokes will make you stand out from the crowd, which will add that mystery to your eyes.

    Check the work here:

  • Sahefa Farooq
  • New but very talented! Her matt and glow-y types of creations make you want to just want to get married all over again so you can try her work. Moreover, she even travels to your home in twin cities and charges a very reasonable deal for a good amount of work. Easy on the buck and gorgeousness on the face, what more can a bride ask for.  

    Check the work here:

  • Glitter Room By Sibel Gilani
  • Lips are definitely Sibel’s strong game as her cupid’s bow is extremely graceful and attention grabbing. From pout to perfection. If you are someone who has always thought of making your lips pop then she is definitely the girl to go to and rightfully so. Her complete looks are very beautiful and definitely and inspiration to many.

  • Hina Zain
  • If you like dewy looks, then give Hina a call. She will make your glowy bride fantasy come to life! Her talents are not only touching the sky but she is also making you feel good about herself in the process of making you get ready.

    Beauty by Aisha

    Great value at good prices!

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