Shadi Wala Ghar Etiquettes And All You Need to Know

Being the Shadi Wala Ghar is fun, but all the partying comes with responsibility. There are certain etiquettes that are associated with being the Shadi Wala Ghar that just improve the experience. And always a good idea to prepare ahead of time. Here’s a mini-guide to doing the Shadi Wala Ghar right. If you have any more tips, leave them in the comments below.

  1. Have Extra Bedding
  2. You never know how many guests you will need to accommodate, and especially for winter weddings, keep extra bedding in hand so your guests do not freeze from the cold!

  3. Tea and Food
  4. We are Pakistani, and Pakistanis need chai, it runs through our veins. At all times, make sure your guests are well catered for.

  5. Hire Extra Help
  6. Being the Shadi Wala Ghar is a lot of work. Your regular house help can not handle all the burden, so it is best if you hire extra help for the wedding days and/or compensate your current help for the extra work.

  7. Irons and other Equipment
  8. Make sure equipment like irons, sewing kits, blow driers, straighteners, bobby, and safety pins are readily and easily accessible to all guests, in case needed.

    etiquettes mindful guests

  9. Guestrooms
  10. Often times your house can not accommodate a large group of people. A smart move is to book guestrooms for your formal guests.

  11. Extra Utility Items
  12. Stock up the extra utility and sanitary items in bulk for your guests, for when needed. Soaps, shampoos, toilet paper, toys for the little ones.

  13. Don’t Forget the Neighbors

Be mindful of their peace and comfort and avoid unnecessary loud music and street parking. Always a good idea to tell them in advance of the upcoming event so they are prepared.

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