Wedding Night Things Brides Wish They Knew


Your wedding is once in a lifetime opportunity. We know and understand that no one wants to get it messed up. It is a significant time of the year. We have researched some things that might prepare you for your journey ahead towards the wedding night. The pointers might help you mentally prepare yourself and get ahead of time. But don't worry if things mess up too. There is always a first time.

Read along and get to know from the bride's eyes.  

1. Don't be Hassled on your Wedding night

Things have started to finally close down, we understand the long frenzy hours of planning have now ended. Every bride will eventually be tired because of all the hours of work. Organizing, formulating, and then eventually taking care of the guests. It can all be too much don't get pumped. Yes! be excited don't be dragged down by expectations. The best thing is to take your feelings slowly and absorb everything!

2. Things might be a little different

You have this dream of a princess wedding in your head but it might not be working exactly the way you want it to be. The welcome entry songs, the arriving, there is just so much detail imagined into everything. The same goes when you are sharing a room with your husband. Just try to make the most of it without being upset if anything is off track. The best way to stay calm is to make up your mind beforehand that you will enjoy it no matter what!

Make your wedding night amazing.
Make your Wedding Night Great!

3. Don't lose your calm on your wedding night

You are fumbling with your words, eating half of them inside your mouth. You want to run away and hide in the bathroom and never come out. This all can feel overwhelming yes! but just know that your husband is just another human who is chosen for you and only you. What can be more beautiful than that? Try breathing exercises and maybe just tell him you are nervous because he sure is too. A mutual wall of feelings might be easier to break down. Start with some ice breaker questions and build your way up!

4. Talk things out

It's not a movie, your husband will have feelings and certain expectations too. Be gentle and communicate what is going in on in your head and listen to him about what he is expecting from the wedding. Share common goals and be excited for this new venture together by taking him on the same page from day one. Ask about his bigger goals in life, involved in deep conversations. Make sure you don't keep any secrets about your previous life or relationships. You must completely trust him. Good communication will go a long way and always help even if there are some conflicts.

5. Physical Intimacy

It is a possibility, yes, but only even if you want to. It's a common misconception that wedding night should revolve around only this. Be prepared for sure, but make sure you are comfortable and ready for it. There is no rush and generally is a good idea to talk it out before breaking any expectations. Have open communication, after all, you are going to spend the rest of your life with that person.

6. You won't know it all

Finally, you should know that You won't have a script of life that your husband will follow. He might do things you did not anticipate even if you knew him. You don't know the way he runs a household, a family, or how good of a roommate he will be. It's okay he doesn't know it too. Give each other the time you need to adjust because soon enough you both are going to be inseparable. 


In retrospect, a wedding night in fact can be a lot involved with nervous energy fuming in you. The long years of wait and imagination at hiatus. You really are fantasizing a lot. It's not at all a bad thing to not imagine a perfect scenario in your head, but do know that reality can be different. Most importantly never lose your calm. These little pointers above will guide you. Something for you to keep in your mind. 

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