Navigating Joint Family Systems in Pakistan

Living with Joint Family has a LOT of perks. You get so much support and love. But if you are living in a joint family system for any reason and don’t know how to manage it, we have some suggestions on how to navigate through that…

We are not advocating Joint Family Systems. Our intention is only so that you can manage your state better.

  1. Space!
  2. This one really works. Give space and take space for yourself. Not healthy to be in each other’s sight all the time either.

  3. Set boundaries
  4. Remember, no one is going to make boundaries for you, you will have to that yourself. But make sure you don’t step on any toes and no one steps on yours. Its better to always set boundaries from Day 1. If you want physical boundaries, consider moving to another part of the house like the basement or 1st floor. 

  5. Help out with chores
  6. If you have the time, always help out in chores. They are your family by marriage, why not love them and receive love.

  7. No Eavesdropping
  8. Its hard not to overhear things when living in the same house, but try to give them the privacy they want.

  9. Training kids
  10. Be careful of someone training your child or taking their side irrationally. You are the parent. You will have to define boundaries on parenting and incorporate discipline when needed.

  11. Don’t make a big deal out of everything
  12. Everything said and done is not to be taken to harshly or get defensive of. People make mistakes. But shrug things off and take it with a grain of salt.

  13. Listen to the house
  14. You will get a lot of advice on how to do on just about anything and sometimes… it might be really good advice. Listen to everything respectfully and decide what needs to be done on your own.

  15. Managing fights between kids and their cousins
  16. This is tricky. Everyone loves their child. But being forgiving and being wise will go a long way in nurturing your relationships. Parents getting involved too quickly can fuel the fire.

  17. Communicate with your partner

If some action by the family made you feel uncomfortable or hurt, talk to your partner, let him know how you feel and take proper action.

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