Husband-Wife Chore Distribution Guide – For Working Couples

Working couples have our hearts. They do so much and work so hard so they can live with their head held high. But managing your own house is a big deal, especially if you and your partner both have jobs. And sometimes one person works more in the house and the scale starts to tip the other way and it's best to have those boundaries before resentment sets in.

  1. Schedule the whole week/month
  2. Sitting together and deciding the schedule helps if you have important days for you e.g. to attend a wedding, have a deadline at work on which you can’t do house chores. Hang it up on the fridge/use google calendar. Be systematic.

  3. Have a system in place
  4. Distribute chores, find out who likes what and assign each other. Democracy. Don’t boss them around. But take them in your decision-making. Share the burden. And be forthcoming on what sorts of chores you enjoy and what sorts do you dislike as well. 

  5. Coordination is key
  6. If you ever go to the market, always ask your partner if anything is needed for personal or house use. Might save you a trip and your partner will love the extra consideration. 

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  7. Don’t be nitpicky
  8. If your partner shrunk your favorite sweater or missed a spot, don’t make a huge issue. Things can be replaced. And mistakes happen. Be forgiving. Relationships need nurturing. If something really bothers you, tell them very nicely how they can do it differently.

  9. Step up when your partner has a lot on their plate
  10. If your partner has unexpected office work or is sick, it would be super sweet of you to take stuff of their plate. Things like this increase love.

  11. If your partner does something more…
  12. …Show them you care with a nice dinner or movie or present. Never a good idea to take anyone for granted. Or make it up for them by doing their chores. 

  13. The Kids
  14. Make sure you are both giving your children the attention they need. Homework, picking form school, anything your children need to grow up to be decent people. And ask your children to help with the house too, teach by example. This also inculcates responsibility in children, and appreciation for a hard days work.

  15. Always say thank you
  16. Your partner is your team. And we should never take them granted for the work they put in. Say thank you when it's something small and say thank you when it's something big. 

  17. Bonus: Do grocery together

For the bare minimum, finalize a grocery list together and if you enjoy it, go for groceries together. It really gives insight to your partner's way of thinking. "Oh I don't like the lemon scented soap because I have an allergy" Or "How about we get some fabric softner". Bam! you guys would be 20x time more closer.

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