Recap of Shadiyana’s Wedding Night Workshop

We can start off by apologizing or we can go with guns blazing, but... we have a better idea, but why not start by educating everyone even ourselves first about the wedding night.

With that intent, Shadiyana had its first online workshop on the 18th of Nov, 2022 on a sunny Friday afternoon. The weather didn’t matter since it was outside but paints a better picture, doesn’t it?

The session was for all females, mainly because a lot of the topics covered were related to females.

It was also anonymous. So everyone renamed themselves with fun aliases from Chirya to Bumble Bee. Due to the sensitive nature of the content, this was not recorded by

There were 4 speakers present who were compensated with tokens, which was why the event was ticketed.

Here is the recap of the amazing workshop.

Content of the Wedding Night Webinar

The workshop had four very informative segments.

The First Segment

Speaker: Dr. Saman Habib, Gynecologist and Obstetrician

Topic: The medical POV of the Wedding Night

Dr. Saman beautifully explained the anatomy of the female body, the importance of foreplay and a good rundown of the contraceptives one should be on the lookout for. She set the tone in a such a professional manner that we could not ask anyone better.

The Second Segment

Speaker: Reem Abassi, student of Shariah law

Topic: Consummation and intimacy in Islam

Reem elaborated on the Islamic perspective of Islam, the duas, the permitted and unpermitted, and also about Sunnah with respect to this.

The Third Segment

Speaker: Aabiya Ziadi, Cofouder of Cherie Lingerie

Topic: Making BRA-ve choices

She explained how women tend to wear the wrong bra size and induce so many back aches and what not. Another key point from her session was how bras are supposed to make you feel confident and comfortable.

The Fourth Segment

Speaker: Zaofishan Qureshi, Psychotherapist

Topic: Preparing yourself mentally and emotionally for the wedding night.

The most wonderful thing Zaofishan did was to make us realize that intimacy is a two way street. Ladies have as much role in this as much as a man. 

What's New?

And would you know it, team Shadiyana is organizing yet another workshop for you. It’s called Acing your marriage 101, and if you think it’s not worth it… ask us for a refund after the workshop. Who even does that? We do that. Because we have faith that you will find this workshop even more informative.

It will have religious scholars, motivational speakers, and finance experts to tell you how to do finances as a couple and so much more. Register here today.