Excellent Jewelry Options for Brides in 2023

Due to the impact of the internet, there are a million jewelry options available for brides. Back in the days, there were only a few options available which was unfortunate but it made it easier for the brides to choose. Nowadays, there are so many options available for everything. Be it diamond, gold, silver, or even fake jewelry, the options are endless. 

This is exactly why Shadiyana has carefully come up with the most relevant options these days, all gathered in this article to help you get rid of some wedding planning stress. Let’s have a look at them.

List of Jewelry Options for Brides

Here’s a list of jewelry options for brides to make the wedding planning easy for them.

  1. Adornments Extravaganza
  2. Subtle Charm of Silver
  3. Be Bold With Gold
  4. Adorn Yourself With Pearls
  5. Craft a Unified Look With Matching Jewelry

Adornments Extravaganza

If going all out is your style then you might want to choose a neck piece that provides the royal and regal feel to your whole look. Go for something that goes a little beyond your neck and collar bone. It will give you that heavy look on your wedding day. You can choose gold for the mughlai touch but silver will do just fine as well. 

Subtle Charm of Silver

If you’re a bride who is not going for bright reds and maroons for her big day, this might be the best option for you. You can go for a full silver jewelry look or add a touch of any other color as well like royal blue, emerald, maroon, etc. This will act as a color breaker while enhancing your overall look. 

Be Bold With Gold

For the brides who want the typical all gold look, this one’s for you. Embrace the gold on your bridal dress to complete your look. This is a traditional yet still in style look for all our bold brides. 

Adorn Yourself With Pearls

For a more sophisticated look, go for pearls. They look extra amazing with outfits of subtle and light colors like cream, powder pink, beige, etc. Choosing this will give a softer look without taking away the charm of the bride from you. Traditionally, it is preferred on the walima or reception day. However, nowadays, brides including a lot of celebrities like Alia Bhatt, Anushka Sharma, Kiara Advani, etc. go for similar looks on their big day. 

Craft a Unified Look With Matching Jewelry

If you want to own your wedding day, without taking any chances of what will and what will not look good on you, then this option is for you. Add a dash of the colors in your outfit to give yourself a more unified and assembled look. Feel free to choose one or more than one color from your outfit and add it in your jewelry.  

Colorful Dichotomy

Some brides do not like to go for the same color for the whole complete look. If you’re one of those brides, try opting for a color that can break the pattern. For instance, if your whole outfit is based on powder pink, try going for royal blue or emerald green in your jewelry. It will give a more refined look to your whole ensemble making it hard for the guests not to compliment you. 

Jewelry is something that can make or break your whole ensemble on your wedding day. It is a powerful tool for adding more glamor and shine to your whole outfit. You can also use this to tone down your overall look a little. Thus, giving you the power to go for a royal or subtle look. Sometimes, the brides are looking extraordinary in real life but the photographs fail to shine out. Jewelry can ensure that it doesn’t happen by giving extra color to the whole look.

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