Summer vs Winter Weddings

Summer vs Winter Weddings... which one to choose? Both seasons have their appeal to couples looking to unionize their bond into marriage. Summers can get you to go for a honeymoon in the chilly weather of northern areas or the oceans of Miami. While winters have an opposite effect making you stay at home and chill under the sheets or hit the Caribbean.

Summer vs Winter Weddings? You will have an entirely different experience with your wedding if you decide to choose either one of them. So it’s not only a choice of season, it’s the question of your wedding. And we don’t take weddings lightly. Shadiyana will let you decide which season to pick for your wedding once we are done putting out all the differences these seasons can make. 

Wedding Season DOES matter!!

Well getting engaged certainly means your wedding planning is going to keep you at all night until you finally say yes to make decisions. What should be the venue? What dress should I wear? Among all these burdens of questions, you forget the one that’s the most important. What season am I going to get married? Should I wait six months for this blazing heat to end or is it now or never?

Each decision matters because this is your day, the day you get to hold the hands of the person you love the most and acknowledge your love for them to the whole world. So let’s get started because you have an important decision to make for yourself.

  1. The Wedding Dress & Makeup

When it comes to wedding dresses, men are least interested in this because they can always go for a tuxedo and still look the classiest. Wedding dresses are the main focus of all brides. So let’s talk about this from a bride’s perspective first. Your wedding dress needs to be the most special one in the room on your wedding day. So you can never compromise on this. 

Summer Season 

Whenever you look for dresses to be worn at a summer wedding, it is usually something light with less jewelry to compliment the dress. You cannot have a heavily embroidered dress to wear during such a season. Or you will end up ruining your makeup and being comfortable in that dress.

Always remember that journey from the wedding hall to your new home because you can’t have AC at each step. So you must go with something you are comfortable in. But if you are going to marry in the summer season, you must find something gorgeous which is heavy yet easy to carry around. You can also go with the no-makeup look for such seasons. Grooms can go for simple shalwar kameez with a pattern-printed waistcoat for an elegant look.

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Winter Season

Winter is the perfect season for brides to wear heavy makeup and dresses that they dreamt of wearing on their wedding day. Lehngas are always the go-to for Pakistani weddings and there is no denying that. Frosty weather and Lehngas will provide such an exquisite match for your wedding look that no one can take their eyes away from you. And there’s a plus side to all this that you get to wear the makeup you want without second guessing any decisions.

To take things up a notch, you can go for dark colors like maroon, green, and red for your dress with teal and warm-colored embroidery to give you a sophisticated look. On the other side, grooms can go in with Sherwani and Peshawari chappal to impress the guests with his 

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  1. Venue & Food Arrangements

Deciding a venue may be one of the most difficult things you would have to go through before your wedding day. You may encounter problems like venues being pre-booked for the date or catering services not up to mark. Venues and what food options are usually provided depending on the season. 

Summer Season

Venues booked in summer charge a higher rate than normal because of the air conditioning services. But other than that, the services are usually the same as you get in the winter season. The food however for the marquees is quite the same with one exception for the desert. In summer you get a wide range of interesting desserts to opt for your wedding. You can choose from ice cream, zardah (sweet flavored rice served with nuts), kheer, or fruit trifle.

Winter Season

Marquees are mostly available for booking in the winter season. But who wants a wedding there when you have your tent set up for the event with decorations just the way you like them? Talk about food options in the winter season, you can arrange barbeque for your night events. For desserts, you get the option of serving freshly made hot gulab jamun and different kinds of halwa.

Best Season or Just Luck?

The winter season is a lot of fun in terms of photography too. You get to have your bridal shoots without being a hot mess. You can go for sun-kissed pictures. And it won’t make you all sweaty unlike the summer season when all your photographs will be indoor. If you decide to go for the summer season, it will be easy for your guests to travel because it’s the holidays for everyone. They can make room for your wedding easily. 

Summer vs Winter Weddings, whichever season you decide to marry in, there will always be a chance of weather ruining the event. So take your chances and decide the best season for your marriage.