What are the Social Media Etiquettes While Attending Weddings

Ever wondered about social media etiquettes while attending weddings?

Hitting “POST” to all the sneak peeks of the wedding is everyone’s favorite pastime. But hit PAUSE instead, as there are some social media etiquettes. When it comes to attending weddings! Read ahead, as Shadiyana is here to guide you!

To Post or Not to Post?

It’s tempting to be the first one to release wedding sneak peeks. But believe it or not, it often comes off as rude to the wedding couple! Imagine spending months planning every wedding detail, and choosing the best photography services. Only to have your guests release EVERY snap even before you hear back from your photographer! Bummer, right? 

It’s important to respect that the couple should be the first to post from the event days. Even small details, like announcing the date, sharing the invite card on socials, and behind-the-scenes. Everything should be approved by the couple and shared as per their comfort! After all, it’s their special day

Don’t Overshadow the Photographer!

Yes, yes, Iphone quality “ki baat hi aur hai.” And all guests want to capture every second themselves. But remember, the couple has splurged on arranging the very best event coverage! So give the photographers/videographers space to do their thing. Especially during mehndi events, when nach dhamaka is in full swing!

Save the Drama for your Mama!

When it comes to social media etiquettes, this one’s important! Tensions run high during wedding planning, but we shouldn’t air dirty laundry on social media! Everyone loves juicy gossip, right? But it's important to be respectful of everyone’s privacy at this time. Your followers don’t need to know Shakeela Phupo had a meltdown at the Barat! 

Positive Vibes Only

Being desi means always having inside jokes and jabs at the groom or bride ready. While it’s all in good fun, social media etiquette means not doing it publicly. Remember, to keep the captions and comments positive, even if you mean no harm. 

Our words may unintentionally come off as hurtful or offensive to event attendees. So, let’s save the jokes for in-person meetings and refrain from publicly embarrassing each other!

Candid Moments

Often the most hilarious photos are candid ones. But social media etiquette frowns upon sharing unflattering photos of other guests and the couple. The bride might look funny with boti in her teeth. But she would cringe if it were made public! 

Posting photos without considering if everyone looks flattering is another lost etiquette. This is why, it’s nice to make sure everyone at least has their eyes open when you post a shaadi spam!

Live in the Moment

Sometimes, the best solution is to put your phones away! Being fully present in the moment instead of being in a selfie craze during the bridal entry is important. Some couples may request an “unplugged event,” so it’s nice to respect this. 

There’s no harm in clicking pictures for memories, but we often get lost in it. It makes us lose track of what we’re really here for; celebrating the couple! It’s their day after all, and they should be the stars, not you and me!

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