Unique Wedding Favors to Wow the Guests

Wedding favors are a perfect blend of fun and tradition, ensuring your guests leave with a slice of the evening with them!

Planning a wedding isn’t for the weak. With endless decisions to make. From deciding the wedding favors to which songs to play as the bride makes her long-awaited entry. The list is endless!

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Desi Wedding Favors

Wedding favors have been an important tradition. Ranging from delectable mithai wrapped in intricate packets to elegant collections of churiyan and chunri daar dupattay given to the guests on the mehndi event. These tokens of appreciation are often unsung heroes of the event itself!

We have curated a list of unique desi wedding favors guaranteed to wow your guests. As they leave with huge smiles, they will look back to your special day and say “Wah kya baat thi!

Customized Mason Jars

Never tiring of sweets and desserts seems to run in our genes. And what better way to step up desi wedding favors than by incorporating our shared love for meetha? That too in the most adorable way possible. So, get some mason jars with cheesecake dessert for your guests or DIY them!

Guaranteed to make your guests ooh and aah with delight. Thus, this unique idea can also easily match your wedding day’s color scheme. They could even include the happy couples’ initials and wedding dates, serving as the cutest keepsake!

Miniature Pots with Succulents

Perfect for spring weddings, or outdoor event settings, these miniature pots symbolize eternal love and resilience. So, gift your guests succulents carefully set in pots adorned with either traditional or modern designs. Inscribed with your wedding date and sent in advance, these green delights could serve as a unique “save the date.” Furthermore, you are also encouraging climate consciousness in them!

Bangles and Dupattas

Does anything scream “Mehndi ka Function” more than the delightful clinking of brightly colored bangles and the vibrant whirl of chunri dupattas? We think not!

Well, complementing your wedding decor beautifully, these traditional wedding favors are the way to add an extra touch of desi festivity to the day! So, get them to fill your day with vibrant colors and the chan chan of the bangles.

Crocheted Gajras

An elegant nod to traditional festivity, gajras are a “not-to-miss” wedding favor. Because these crocheted gajray serve as beautifully hand-crafted gifts. Your guests will treasure these for a long time to come and are sure to delight people of all ages!



We hear outdoor weddings, we think cute sunglasses!

So, not only would they help shield your guests’ eyes by being practical. But could also add a quirky vibe to the day’s festivities. 

Moreover, this unique wedding favor can add a personal touch in the wedding by using hashtag within the design. Additionally, including a witty pun will make your guests chuckle for sure!


Gourmet Popcorn, Dried Nuts, and Exotic Chocolates

Calling all food lovers! Ramp up traditional “Bidh” by incorporating gourmet salted caramel popcorn bites, saunf, and a mix of dried and exotic chocolates. This luxurious mix will surely add an aura of sophistication to the day. Thus, making this wedding favor an instant hit amongst the guests, as they indulge in these delights!

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