The Perks of Marriage no one told you about

For to-be married individuals, it is with absolute certainty that you’ve heard something along the following lines

Shadi ke baad ye sab karlena

Yeah some people might just be sick of this line while it might invigorate a sense of optimism and something to look forward to. Well we’re here to tell you that yes, there are some secret untold perks of getting married and they are pretty fun. So sit back and relax as we tell you why you should be excited when you hear that above line again.

Late Night Drives

You knew this was coming didn’t you? For eternity, unmarried girls and boys have had their late night plans shut down with the following lines

Apne shohar/apni biwi ke saath jaana raat ke 12 bajay baahir

Well for the married couples, this line is now a free pass instead of a restriction. Stay out till 2 or 3 in the night and nobody at home will object. Wanna have a late night snack or ice cream? Just go on without any objections as you vibe to your playlist (here's one for starters) with the midnight's chilled air.

Exclusive Room

Whether at home or not, you may have had the uncomfortable of either having to share a room with your sibling or in the latter situation, having had to adjust along with your cousins into a single room. Well now that you’re married, under the couple privacy privilege you get to have your own room whether you’re in your own home or at a guest. So nothing like the fights for a blanket or mattress anymore. That is to say it can be an enthralling experience to finally have not only your own room but to share it with a person for the rest of your life. 

Already daydreaming about the piles of cash as a bachelor? Well now you have an "incentive" to get married. Use it well.

Trips without restrictions

Moving on from our previous point, honeymoon/couple trips are something which is only restricted to married couples. Now there’s no stopping you from going to either Murree or Paris. As a not single anymore folk, you have the liberty to travel around with your better half. Channel in your traveler vibe and get ready to have a blast with your spouse. Might be a good time to post a caption on social media along the following lines

Haan g baahir phir aaye hum apni begum/apne shohar ke saath

Dinners as the Chief Guest

You’ve been to family dinners right? We all have. But mostly as singles, we’re somewhat....let’s say ignored. You aren’t given any specific attention except for the following questions

Betaa kya kar rahay ho aajkal? Betaa parhai kaisi chal rahi hai...

Well now that you’re married, things are about to change. You are about to be brought in the spotlight. Now dinners will be held in your honor. To honor the newly wed couple. Be ready to visit every relative and ready to feast on those exquisite dishes while getting all the privilege and attention you’ve craved for.

Monetary Gifts

Who doesn’t love money as a gift? Every is waiting for opportunities like Eid or a birthday for such iconic moment but for married couples, there is a concept of a “salaami” or a goodwill gift given to young couples. Even after marriage, elders love to bestow newly wed couples with money so yeah get ready to have your wallets filled and fund your shenanigans with this hard earned cash.

Ye kaisa paisa

The timing? The location? The accommodation? The only person you need to consult regarding this is now your better half.

Maturity Tag

Before marriage, you were just the cousin or kid who was someone random and wasn’t really paid attention but now that you’re married, you are instantly promoted from someone who just had to go with the family talk and decisions to the consultant role. Now you will have your say in family matters as a mature and established individual. Now in the gathering of your single and immature cousins, you can proudly proclaim

Yahan rules mujhay follow karte hain

You’ll be turned to as the advisor as a bara bhai or bari bhen for the younger ones. So be ready to boss around and flex your newly earned maturity.

As you can see, marriage with all it's expectations and responsibilities has a fun side to it. Every couple should be looking forward to and striving too have these perks so that it is a lovely and enjoyable time with your spouse 24/7/365.