How to Beat the Exhaustion During Wedding Events

Getting the wedding events done right is the biggest concern for the couples. Worry not, couples-to-be! Trust us, we know how the time of your wedding is the most exciting time of your life. The time and dedication given to planning and preparation of every tiny wedding detail. To the rush of adrenaline during back-to-back events and the panic at the last-minute fails like outfit mishaps! Wedding season is exhilarating but let’s admit it, it's super exhausting as well.

As the stars of the show, it is important to take time out for self-care and rest during this rollercoaster of events. As a one-stop online wedding planning platform, Shadiyana is here to connect you with services such as photography, makeup, catering, and more. Today, Shadiyana has jotted down some necessary times to ensure you stay happy and healthy during the wedding season!

Prioritize Rest

The Shaadi ka ghar is always the life of the party, with extended family and friends often staying over. Cue the endless carom matches, ludo marathons, late-night walks, and dance practices!

Amidst the flurry of activities, spa appointments, outfit fittings, and dholkis. It is important to ensure you’re getting in those hours of precious shut-eye! This is especially important with wedding events running late and last-minute shopping trips scheduled back-to-back disrupting one’s normal sleep cycle. After all, a well-rested bride is a happy bride!

Beat the Exhaustion with Hydration

It is easy to forget to stay hydrated during all the excitement! We strongly recommend keeping yourself hydrated at all costs, especially if your events are in the summer months. We suggest keeping a water bottle with you throughout the day and munching on small snacks to keep your energy levels up! We can’t have anyone feeling drained during the party of your life now, can we? 

Bonus points for incorporating unique drink options for yourself and your loved ones for a change of pace. We suggest coconut water, lemonade, Rooh Afzah, and good old-fashioned Tang!

P.S. To our coffee lovers, no, Caffeine does NOT replace your daily water intake requirements!

Fuel up with Good Food

As with the sleep cycle, consecutive wedding events often mean the hosts end up ensuring all their guests are well-fed and comfortable. And there is rarely any time for them to relax and have a proper meal! 

We encourage keeping your tummies full and energy levels high throughout the day to cater to the hustle and bustle! You may wish to opt for light but protein-rick snacks such as nuts, yogurt, and homemade meals that are gentle on the tummy throughout the day. And go for hearty, balanced helpings at the wedding events to keep your stamina up!

Expect the Unexpected

It’s important to remember we are humans after all. And no matter how carefully you follow a balanced diet, stay hydrated, and sleep well during the days leading to your wedding. It is only natural when unavoidable things such as a random flu, headache, or stomach ache occur.

Worry not! Give yourself a break from the fast-paced excitement. Get some rest, with a few hours to yourself, and keep essentials such as cough syrup, panadol, and anti-allergies handy.

For fast results to get back on track, we recommend desi totkay like yakhni and khichri for an instant energy boost! And Tiger Balm for migraines works wonders for most!

Share the Burden in Wedding Events

Of course, it’s your wedding and you want everything handled personally. But if that means constant stress and eventual burnout, that won’t do at all! Bring your close family and friends on board to support you during this joyous time and you will find many ready helpers! 

Imagine you spend days deciding on flower arrangements and centerpieces and are about to lose your mind. Getting a fresh perspective can prove invaluable and ease the decision-making burden! 

We recommend delegating the wedding duties so that everyone can contribute to their ability and no one is burdened. Plus, this means more precious family time together and more celebratory memories!

To conclude, this is one of many happy moments as you embark on a new chapter of your life. But it is essential to take care of yourself during this whirlwind of celebrations. This is your time to shine, so be sure to enjoy every moment to the fullest!

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