Ultimate Guide To Selecting Your Wedding Cake!

As with many wedding decisions, cake selection is no piece of cake either! With countless flavors to choose from, and so many customizable options for the cake’s style and look. It is natural to feel overwhelmed and make a hasty decision based on whatever is trending these days. 

However, at Shadiyana we believe that every aspect of your wedding can be picture-perfect with the right guidance. So why compromise on the wedding cake when it is destined to be a showstopper dessert for your joyous occasion?

Worry not, for we are here to guide you through the wedding cake selection process!

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Selecting the Perfect Flavor

When it comes to deciding the cake flavor, honestly, sky is the limit! With modern wedding cakes having multiple layers, it is also possible to select two or more flavors for a single cake! So, if your husband-to-be has a different preference, both of you can be accommodated for a fusion cake flavor! 

We recommend considering the theme of the event when making this decision as well. For instance, fruit cakes are popular at close pre-wedding events during the winter. Similarly, french vanilla and chocolate fudge are all-time favorites for any occasion. It is totally up to the couple when they wish to cut the cake whether at home after the rukhsati or at the reception!

For the reception, flavors like red velvet, pistachio and rose or lemon zest serve to give a sophisticated vibe to the dessert menu! 

As you see, the mouthwatering choices from classic to contemporary are endless!

Choosing the Right Style for the Wedding Cake

There are lots of ways you may wish to go about this. Sometimes, it’s hard to settle on one cake style since all of them look so appealing. At times like this, you could choose different cakes for different occasions! Who says there can only be one cake, it’s your wedding after all!

We recommend a simple, minimalistic cake with smooth buttercream frosting for more intimate events like Mangni and Nikkah. These cakes could have delicate floral designs, edible flowers, pearls, and light gold dusting to enhance the sophisticated look. 

We suggest a traditional tiered cake for the reception or the valima. If your preferences are inclined towards fondants, this would be the perfect opportunity to have a moist inner cake such as chocolate fudge and a sleek fondant look on the outside! 

For outdoor weddings, we suggest a rustic cake look, with minimal icing and exposed layers! The layers themselves could be of different flavors, depending on your choice.

These days, the Geode Cake is all the rage as it features edible crystal decorations done with extreme attention to detail. This modern marvel could be the first of its kind at your event, so if you want to make a statement, look no further!

Customizing Your Wedding Cake

When ordering your cake it is important to make your preferences regarding style and flavor clear. We recommend having a tasting of the flavors prior to placing your order. Ensure the baker understands your vision and what you would like the end result to be. It is important to clarify any potential allergies so that those ingredients may be substituted.

This discussion with the baker is important, as it will ensure the serving is suitable for the number of guests and that the theme of the cake is doable in the given frame of time and resources of the baker. We recommend informing them of your budget well beforehand, to avoid any uncomfortable surprises at the last minute!

Ensure the storage and transportation of the cake on the day itself is handled with care. Flavors like buttercream are delicate and get spoilt very easily, especially during the summer!

When to Cut the Wedding Cake?

This completely depends on the couple! Usually, people like to cut a cake at smaller, intimate ceremonies such as the Nikkah. However, cutting a cake at the Reception is also a guaranteed showstopper! The reception is also the most attended event, therefore more guests are likely to enjoy this dessert, and there would be less chance of wastage concerning cake leftovers!

This elegant showstopper can be the perfectly sweet finale of the wedding festivities if saved for the last event!

Regardless of your personal choices, taking time out to plan the perfect wedding cake is a sure shot way to complete your wedding festivities with a sweet touch! With our guide, you are destined to make your wedding cake a deliciously memorable highlight! Happy cake planning with Shadiyana!

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