Bridesmaid Bootcamp: Be the Ultimate Wingwoman!

Bridesmaid duties are no joke. Wedding events are a flurry of activities, with endless tasks. From organizing dholkis and dance practices to ensuring the bride reaches the makeup studio on time. The role of a bridesmaid is crucial. As she is also a source of support and love throughout this life-altering event for the bride. 

Calling all bridesmaids! Worry not, for Shadiyana is here with some insider tips to make your experience smooth and fun! As an online wedding planning platform, Shadiyana is here to connect you with the best wedding services for every occasion!

Pre-Wedding Preparation

Staying organized here is key. As the bridesmaid, schedule everything that needs to be done. Whether it's dress fitting appointments, spa visits, or jewelry selection! You might find yourself dealing with vendors or confectioners. Therefore, maintaining lists can ensure everyone is on the same page and deadlines are met smoothly! Yes, it is just like a full-time corporate job. Wink wink! 

Remember to keep it fun, as this is the time for serious bonding as soul sisters! Plan lunch or tea breaks in between wedding chores at the bride-to-be’s favorite cafes. Additionally, capture every cute moment through pictures or reels to look back upon and remember fondly! 

Dholki Done Right

As a bridesmaid, don’t shy away from hosting or organizing a dholki or two. After all, your best friend is getting married! And you should grasp any and every chance to put a smile on her face!

Gather close friends and family for dance practices before Mehndi, with loud music and laughter. Akhir, larkay walo se haarna thori hai? Muqabla sakht hai!

Plan some fun games while the bride is getting her Mehndi done and ensure she is pampered and well-hydrated throughout this time. We recommend planning a bridesmaids’ dance to surprise the bride at the Mehndi event! Additionally, you may choose to bring the bride on board for an all-girls dance performance that is destined to be a showstopper. 

Bridesmaid Duties

On the wedding day, keep an emergency kit handy with tissues, makeup, and safety pins for any last-minute fails. Help the bride and other bridesmaids with their outfits, make sure everyone’s dupatta is secure! 

We recommend taking time out to coordinate a complete family photo, as someone is always missing! Help organize the crowd assembling for the photos to make the process enjoyable.

Remember to take candid photos and behind-the-scenes moments, as these will no doubt become some of the bride’s favorite memories in the long run! 

A bonus tip from us that is guaranteed to make the bride laugh and maybe shed a tear of joy is giving a speech in her honor. This can be a heartfelt gesture. You may wish to compile a photo montage to showcase at a more intimate event like a dholki. 

For the Rukhsati, be a source of emotional support for her during this moment. Ensure her belongings have been neatly packed and sent in advance to her new home, and manage any other logistics so the bride is stress-free.

Post-Wedding Bridesmaid Duties

As a thoughtful friend, compile photos, messages from loved ones, and videos into a digital album or memory book as a sweet keepsake for the new bride. You may like to organize a few post-wedding hangouts as moral support for the bride as she adjusts to a new life. 

We recommend keeping tabs on the official photographer to ensure the wedding album is ready as soon as possible. Visiting the bride’s mother as a familiar face would likely cheer her up, is a kind gesture. 

The role of a bridesmaid is a truly special one. By immersing yourself in this role with enthusiasm and keeping Shadiyana’s tips in mind, we promise you will make this experience a memorable one for your friend. Being a source of support for the bride as her wingwoman means making her feel loved and special as she sets on a new chapter of her life.  

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