The Ultimate Pre-Wedding Skincare Tips for Brides

We keep a lookout for the best skincare tips available, kyunke hamaray haan tau it’s always wedding season. It’s every bride’s dream to achieve the perfect dewy look at her wedding. And like always, Shadiyana is here to guide you! 

As a one-stop online wedding planning platform, Shadiyana is here to connect you with services such as photography, makeup, catering, and more. Today, Shadiyana has compiled a list of trending local skincare products for you.

Over the last year, consumers have now started to prefer local brands as it is important to support these businesses. And striving for the perfect glow doesn’t need to be overly complicated when affordable, high-quality skincare products are easily available in Pakistan. Some popular brands with their bestsellers are as follows: 

1. Cleansing with HER Beauty

HER Beauty offers a range of cleansers, appropriate for daily use. Including “PH-friendly rose cloud” and “brightly charged jelly” cleansers as popular ones. Additionally, their clay masks, essence oils, and vitamin C serums seem to currently dominate the local skincare market!

Pro-tip for the brides: HER Beauty just launched a new overnight water sleep mask to lock in moisture throughout the night!

2. Skincare with CoNatural

CoNatural is a fast-growing skincare and haircare brand for both men and women. Their most popular products, when it comes to achieving the natural look include face masks and scrubs. CoNatural’s “better than ubtan face and body scrub” is made of pure powdered botanicals and is paraben-free! 

Pro-tip for the brides: CoNatural recommends  “better than ubtan” scrub for brides to be. This can be used in place of actual ubtan; providing soft, radiating skin!

3. Herbal Goodness with Saeed Ghani

Saeed Ghani is a trusted and well-established local brand. It is known for incorporating herbal ingredients in their products. Apart from their popular perfume range, their skincare range is an untapped gem worth looking into! This includes “tea tree and neem face wash," “charcoal detox” and ”goat milk face cleanser” (yes, you read that right!). Goat milk, which is really good for your skin.

Pro-tip for the brides: Opting for products with fewer toxins is always safer, especially closer to your big day! And Saeed Ghani has endless options when it comes to herbal skincare. Additionally, they offer a vast range of ubtan and mehndi products including Zafrani Ubtan, Khas Sandal Ubtan, and even natural mehndi for hair dye purposes.

4. AccuFix for Sensitive Skin

Acne breakouts, dryness, or excessive oily skin are completely normal. Different treatment approaches are available including formal dermatological interventions. However, AccuFix Cosmetics is a great local brand that caters to acne-prone skin types, which are gentle on the skin. Check out their Salicyclic Acid Moisturizer and  Pore Cleansing Emulsion for positive results. 

Furthermore, the brand offers an array of extremely affordable products for skincare and personal care to meet your pre and post-wedding needs!

Pro-tip for the brides: Accufix Cosmetics offers free consultation via WhatsApp before booking a derma appointment with them!

5. Innovative Skincare with MANA

Based on cosmetic science and aromatherapy, MANA Beauty formulates high-quality and cruelty-free products. Suitable for all skin types, MANA incorporates natural ingredients and essential oils for a wholesome skincare experience. Fun fact! MANA was amongst the first ones to introduce organic makeup and cheek stain blush in Pakistan!

Pro-tip for the brides: Popular products for a more dewy look include their Anti-Blemish Cream and Glow Booster Ethyl Ascorbic Acid Vitamin C 15%. 

While it is important to support local brands such as these, Shadiyana recommends doing your homework based on your skin type and always doing a patch test before applying these products on your face!

In addition to skincare products, it is also important to maintain a balanced diet, remain hydrated, and follow a regular sleep cycle to ensure plump and fresh skin until the event itself! 

Here’s to happy skincare!

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