An Ultimate Guide for Winter Wedding Dresses 2023

People wait all year long for Winters because it is the best season for weddings. It is a time when people are free from all the heat, sweating, and stress to wear heavy dresses and makeup. They tend to put their hearts into deciding what to wear to a winter wedding. So, here’s your chance to channel all your energy by reading Shadiyana’s blog on winter wedding dresses. From type of fabric and color combination to makeup choices for indoor and outdoor events, we’re going to cover all things for your ease. 

The best and most chaotic part of weddings is the preparation phase. Especially in Pakistani households, everyone is giving their best. From Ami Abu, Chacha Chachi, Khala Khalu, to all the cousins, and damaads, and bahus, everyone is excited for the wedding events. While boys are mostly expected to take over all the chores from wedding food and home decor to invitation cards and booking wedding vendors. Girls are seen dedicating their time and energies in trying to look drop dead gorgeous on all events. It just becomes a season of celebrations for everyone attending the wedding. 

To reduce this pressure of looking and choosing the best, Shadiyana is here to help! We’ll give you all the information that you might need for deciding what to wear on what day of the wedding events.

Go as Crazy as You Want!

And we literally mean that! 

Usually while choosing the look the first thing is the color and type of dress that you want to carry. Winters are the best time to listen and fulfill all your heart’s desires. Choose those dark shades that you’ve wanted to wear but it was too bright for the eyes. Or the fabric that you wanted to choose but it was too hot to carry it for the whole event. Even that heavy smokey eye look that you thought was “too much” for summer weddings. Now is the time to do all these and some more for yourself.

Select the Right Fabric for Your Wedding Dress


Dress up in luxury during the winter months by exploring a variety of fabrics and textures. Velvet, with its luxurious feel and glossy appearance, stands out as a popular choice. Whether it's a velvet kurti, saree, or lehenga, the fabric exudes elegance, especially when adorned with embellishments. Opt for darker shades to enhance the overall sophistication of your winter ensemble. So, colors like purple, navy blue, maroon, and of course black, will be the best options for winter wedding dress. 


For a regal touch, consider brocade which is a fabric crafted from shuttle-woven silk. The embossed patterns lend it a unique texture, making it an excellent choice for a lehenga. Brocade kurtis also make a royal statement, ensuring you receive a lot of compliments during the wedding events.


Achieve a chic and polished look with satin. The fabric is known for its smooth and glossy texture. Pair it with lace to add a touch of sophistication. Lining your kurti or lehenga and choli with high-quality satin, topped with lace will not only subdue the gloss but also keep you comfortably warm throughout the festive celebrations.

If you’re attending a wedding as a guest, try looking for your outfits here. Affordable yet classy and a variety of colors and styles can be found here. Do check it out!

If you’re a bride looking for extremely eventful clothes for your wedding festivities, and want to wear a designer outfit, then make sure to check out Erum Khan’s collection. She has outfits in vibrant colors perfect for winter weddings. 

Of course you can find clothes with lighter shades as well. But let’s be honest, winters are for those royal blue maxi and plum lehenga with orange and fuchsia contrasting dupatta or choli. Even the shades of red that she has used for bridal clothing are truly capturing the essence of winter weddings. 

Make Layering Your Best Friend

When it comes to winter weddings, layers are your go-to for both warmth and style. Try out long kurtis or other medium to long dresses with lehengas, flowy skirts, or loose embellished trousers. Not only do these layered looks give off a fancy vibe, but they also keep you cozy in the chilly winter weather. So, wrap up in style and beat the winter chill at those special celebrations!

Also, for a cozy and practical solution, invest in good-quality thermal innerwear. It not only keeps you warm but also eliminates the need for heavy sweaters or light jackets on many occasions like mayun, dholki. It's the smart way to stay comfortable on all days during the wedding festivities. Once you’ve layered yourself with good body warmers you can wear anything over it. It will keep you safe from the chilly air during outdoor wedding festivities. 

Go For Brighter Colors

Colors like Black, Blue, Purple, are actually a better choice of colors. Because they absorb heat which will keep you warm. Even on daytime events in winters, these colors will look good because the sun is usually not as bright as in summer days.  

Navigating winter weddings can be stressful but also extremely fun because you have more options that you can explore. If you’re armed with practical tips, it becomes easy peazy to curate the perfect wardrobe. As most women value both style and comfort, layering up with long kurtis or medium to long dresses seems like a chic yet sensible choice. 

Likewise, investing in quality thermal inner wear is also a game-changer, ensuring warmth without compromising on style. The versatility of fabrics like velvet, brocade, and satin opens up exciting possibilities for creating elegant ensembles that not only fend off the winter chill but also make a statement at celebratory events. These tips not only guarantee a regal winter look but also streamline the process of selecting outfits, making the entire experience enjoyable and stress-free.

Shadiyana, with its thoughtful insights and practical advice, is revolutionizing the landscape of wedding planning for not just brides but also guests. By offering valuable tips on topics like  outfit choices for winter weddings, Shadiyana caters to the needs of modern Pakistani women who desire a perfect blend of tradition and trend. Our website goes beyond the conventional wedding planning, extending its expertise to help guests navigate the complexities of the matter that may present themselves eventually. With Shadiyana's guidance, the journey from outfit selection to celebrating the big day becomes a seamless and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

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