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Marquees provide a perfect chance for you to get creative. But, Blessings Marquee & Events not only provides you this but also aids you in making the best decisions for your big day. These days, marquees are undoubtedly the top priority of couples when choosing a venue for their wedding. However there are a few things that you should keep in consideration while booking a wedding marquee. 

Weather Condition During the Wedding

One thing that can make a lot of change in the marquee and your wedding day event is the season and weather. While fixing the date, most people prefer going to winter or mid season weddings, which is a good call. But one should be aware of the peculiarities of all types of seasons before coming to a final decision. 

Summer or Spring Weddings

While summer means marquee weddings, the warmth can be quite intense in July or August. If you're opting for a wedding during peak summer months and there's a potential for a heatwave on your big day, consider choosing a marquee like Blessings, with adjustable sides. A marquee like this allows excellent ventilation. Also, the sailcloth marquees often come with removable side panels, giving you the flexibility to open it wide. While it's advisable to keep the sides down overnight, ensure you open them up early on the wedding day to let in fresh air. In high temperatures, be mindful of items like candles that may melt in the heat, and arrange table decor at the last possible moment. 

Winter or Autumn Weddings

For those planning an autumn or winter wedding, marquees remain a viable option but come with a few additional considerations. Adequate lighting and heating become crucial, with heaters set up early in the day to prevent condensation. Furthermore, to navigate some of the potential challenges, Blessings ensures there are ample matting pathways for guests, especially to areas like toilets, preventing any muddy mishaps. Additionally, strategic placement of the marquee is essential to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable celebration despite the cooler seasons.

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Parking Space 500+ 
Wheelchair AccessibilityYes 

Things to Consider While Booking a Marquee

Although, the venue is providing you everything that you possibly need for the wedding events. From affordable prices, to parking space, to heating and air conditioning. But there still are a few things that you should be responsible for checking before coming to book a venue for your wedding. Some of these things include:

  • Total No. of Guests
  • Parking Space
  • Catering Services
  • Photoshoot Areas/Corners Inside the Venue
  • Accessibility to Clean Toilets
  • Accessibility to Power Supply

Although with venues like Blessings, it is a given that these things have been taken care of but sometimes, your wishes and the venue’s logistics may not align. People spend so much money on the venues. It is probably one of the most priced things for a wedding. So, it is always better to avoid any surprises on the wedding day. And for that make sure to cross check all things while booking your dates to avoid any mishap in the future. Providing capacity of 1000 people, the team is good with communicating and understanding clearly all your requirements and expectations. The team is there to serve you but to communicate efficiently is your job to be done. Make sure to do it right!

Catering Services at Blessings Marquee & Events

Navigating through the wedding menus of different places brings forth unique challenges, particularly when it comes to your choice of food. However, with Blessings Marquee and Events, these challenges transform into seamless and well-handled details. Their seasoned team specializes in crafting tailored solutions to ensure that every aspect of your catering needs is met with precision and excellence.

Opting for a marquee setup often involves intricate considerations, and Blessings Marquee and Events takes pride in providing a holistic service that addresses all your concerns. Picture a dedicated catering team strategically positioned, offering not only functionality but also a touch of efficiency to enhance your overall experience.

Their commitment to excellence extends to thorough site visits, where they collaboratively let you explore the venue, allowing both you and the team to visualize the optimal layout. With comprehensive contracts in place, you can trust that all your equipment needs are accounted for, leaving no room for unexpected surprises. Their prices start from PKR 1900 - 5000 PKR/person. What more can anyone want? Exceptional services at exceptional prices is every couple’s dream. 

At Blessings Marquee and Events, they understand the importance of a stress-free celebration. That's why the services cover everything from rubbish removal to ensuring an adequate supply of ice for your beverages. Their diligent team ensures to be mindful of such petite and minor things. Because they understand the importance that the wedding events hold for a family. With them, your wedding day becomes a moment to savor, as they handle all the essentials, ensuring a seamless and memorable celebration for you and your guests. 

Like Blessings Marquees & Events, Shadiyana has a whole list of wedding venues for you to plan your wedding in just 3 minutes. Just visit the website and check the boxes of your requirements. And voila! It’s done. You’ll be presented with an extensive, well-curated list of wedding vendors that suit your requirements the best. Contact our team or view the vendor's profile and choose the best one for you. 

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