What to Look for In a Wedding Photographer?

The wedding photographer might just be the most important person at the wedding. After the couple of course! Your wedding day is an important milestone and it is essential to capture every moment.  From booking the right photographers or videographers to ensuring they understand the vision you wish to capture and that your precious moments are eternalized. Shadiyana is here with tips to help you with just that.

Shadiyana is an online wedding planning platform here to connect you with the best photographers, catering services, makeup artists, and more. By bringing Shadiyana on board, rest assured you will achieve the wedding of your dreams! 

Choosing the Right Photographer

Take your time doing your research, reviewing portfolios and past work of trending photographers. We suggest relying on previous positive experiences of friends and family or trusting Shadiyana’s advice! Wink wink! 

On the other hand, simply following the herd is also not always in your best interest. As you might have a cottage-core wedding photoshoot vision in mind, but the photographer you are hiring specializes in nighttime photography. 

This is why we recommend holding an in-person meeting to see if your personalities “click.” And that they understand your personal and cultural preferences.

Reviewing Packages 

It might seem like a formality but it is extremely important to have a solid confirmation for their availability on your decided event dates. This can prevent last minute mix-ups and confusion. It is always smart to have a backup plan ready, or another option for a photographer in case things do not work out in the months to come! 

Most photographers book months in advance, therefore it is recommended to hold a meeting as soon as possible and review their packages thoroughly. This will ensure you are maximizing their facilities and getting top-notch event coverage for the day. 

Some photographers offer an option to send an all-male or female team depending on your comfort. Some offer videography services such as drones and compile a 20-30 minute event video. Take your time to inquire about the hours of coverage they offer and post-production services.

Discuss Technical Details

Don’t shy away from inquiring regarding certain technical details! After all, it’s what the photographers are there for! Ensure they rely more on quality shots from solid equipment and keep the unnecessary editing and filters to a minimum as the end result is rarely positive.

Feel free to discuss the photographer’s approach with low-light, natural settings, flash, and nighttime coverage. Ensure they refrain from using heavy filters to preserve the sanctity of the events. Discuss their use of creative shots like close-up shots for intimate moments such as Nikkahnama signing and wide-angle shots for grand occasions like the entry.

Key Photographer Moments

We recommend sharing your wedding schedule and key moments such as the bridal and groom entry, and rasams. Highlight key moments you wish to be captured like must-have shots of the family or trendy group photos. 

Ensure ample event coverage for notable moments such as the cake-cutting, bridal entry, emotional moments during the rukhsati, wholesome family moments during dholkis, and more. 

Videographers must be taken on board for this so that the event video captures these precious moments fully! And you may wish to tell them not to record guests while they are eating! 

Perfect Poses and Scenic Locations

Finally, communicate the type of photoshoot you would like. Depending on the theme, location, and settings, ask the photographers to guide you with regard to poses. We recommend trying to catch the “golden hour” as that is a sure shot way to make your photoshoot a success! 

For a creative spin, you may wish to use fairy lights and flares in a nighttime photoshoot. Opt for natural poses filled with genuine laughter and positive emotions and avoid stiff poses. Remember to have fun and relax! 

Locations of the shoot depend on the wedding theme, budget, time slot, and access. Usually, historic locations, monuments, gardens, or beaches are favorites. We recommend selecting a personal or meaningful location such as the family home, more often than not  “nani ka ghar”. This contributes to the sentimentality and intimacy of externalizing your wedding photos in a place precious to you!

Regardless of your personal choices, we truly believe that wedding photography is an essential aspect of wedding preparations. Remember to have fun during this experience and celebrate each moment to its fullest. Knowing that you have made a good choice choosing a photographer, and your event coverage is in good hands!

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