Wedding Singer to Make Your Special Day Musical

A desi wedding is all about vibrant celebrations, and the heartbeat of these festivities is music. From soulful qawwali nights to energetic sangeet ceremonies, and the tender tunes at the nikah, music brings life to every moment. 

But how do you ensure your big day is truly melodious? Let's dive into the world of wedding singers with Shadiyana and make your wedding celebration unforgettable.

Choosing the Right Wedding Singer

Choosing the right wedding singer for a wedding can be tiresome. There are so many things that you think might be important like the genre of the music, the vibe, and of course the event that you plan to have a wedding singer on. But you don’t need to worry about a thing when you have Shadiyana. Go easy and before you hire a wedding singer, consider these essential factors.

Diverse Song Selection

Your wedding singer should know a wide range of songs, both old and new, to cater to different tastes. It is necessary to set the mood as well. For events like Mehndi, Mayun, bhangra or Punjabi songs can be vibe setters. 

Language Skills

Since guests come from around the world, it's crucial that your singer can perform songs in various languages. Punjabi songs can set the right mood for the evening but sometimes the guests find it hard to understand it. Hence, they may fail to connect with the music. So, it’s good if you have a mix of flavors to cater all kinds of guests. 

Experience Matters

Look for a singer experienced in performing at weddings. They should be adaptable and able to perform at different events. Weddings are a lot different than live concerts and shows. Your wedding singer should know the difference between the two. 

Good Sound Equipment

Ensure that the singer has the right sound equipment for the venue. Good sound quality is a must. If there is some issue try to take care of it before the event day. Coordinate with the wedding singer team or ask the venue people to assist you where they can. Some of the venues have a backup for the system and can provide you equipment with additional charges. 


Don't hesitate to check references from other couples. If you’re planning a music night or an event that you want to have a wedding singer on, it’ll be a good idea to check with people who have recently had their weddings. Going with the reviews is better than experimenting yourself. 

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Song Selection Discussion

Before the event day, collaborate with the singer to create a playlist that matches your musical preferences. Discuss it with them as well. If they have performed at weddings before, they’ll have a better idea what guests enjoy more. And on what event as well. Another important but tricky thing is the order of the songs. You can’t play the rukhsati songs before the actual rukhsati. It will just ruin the whole mood. 

Selecting the Right Events

Every wedding event is an opportunity for musical magic but having a singer on all of them can bring a uniformity to your wedding events. And that might not exactly be a desirable thing. So, it’s good if you choose a couple of events for this. They will come out as special and more memorable. 

Qawwali Night

This spiritual and musical evening sets the tone for your wedding. Consider a skilled qawwali group for an unforgettable experience. Night time is the ideal way to go for this. It can be a soulful experience for your guests and you, especially the ones that are staying over at your place, which is a lot of people in desi weddings. You can plan it at your place or even in your garden as well. 

Mehndi/Sangeet Night

Get ready to dance the night away with the latest Bollywood hits. Dedicate a time for a live performance from a singer. Let those feet dance the night away. Enjoy with your friends and family as everyone plans dance performances. This could be a perfect end to the evening after those heart warming but full of energy performances. 

Baraat Entrance

Choose a lively song for the groom's grand entrance with the baraat. Or choose the rukhsati time for the live performance to add a touch of sentimentality on these precious moments.

Nikah Ceremony

Soft and melodic tunes are perfect for this emotional occasion. You can choose to go for an instrumental instead of loud energetic music. The soft melodic tunes will ensure to deliver the perfect feels for this day. 


Keep the party going with a blend of classic and contemporary music. You can choose for the old classic music numbers where everyone can hum along. After all, weddings are incomplete without these absolutely compulsory classics. 

Your Choice Matters

Remember, the right wedding singer can make your wedding day even more special. By considering the factors we've discussed and collaborating with your singer on the perfect playlist, you'll ensure your special day is not only melodious but also truly magical.

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