Wedding Frames by BAB Studio: Preserve your Best Memories

Handover the stress of getting those picture perfect moments captured to BAB Studio. Get your wedding frames by BAB Studio and keep them with you for life. 

Just like us, you too might have heard that the wedding industry is one of the biggest businesses in Pakistan. But what we often tend to overlook is that it is not a stagnant industry in itself. It is unlike other big businesses like hotel chains or cement companies. This is so because those industries stand on their own. While the wedding industry is evidently a mixture of a lot of further small categories.

I mean think about it! Even the wedding planners have to get a lot of vendors on board to bring your idea to reality. Starting from the most obvious ones; the venue and catering. Moving on to other necessities including photographers and event decorators or flower vendors. Then comes the salon or bridal makeup artists. And then finally dresses, gifts, mehndi, and all those fun things start coming around eventually. 

Best Wedding Photographer

One chunk out of this massive and elaborate wedding industry is wedding photography. Back in the days, every area would have one or two wedding photographers. When anyone was to get married, there wouldn’t be the stress of choosing the best wedding photographer. Instead, that one known photographer would be called to cover the whole event. 

But the times have changed now! Gone are the days when people were okay with having that. Same poses, same album covers, even same songs playing in the wedding video on their wedding that were playing in the wedding videos of every person who got married around the same time. Nowadays, people want to have something unique and different. Personalization and customization are everyone’s priority now. 

How to Choose the Photographer?

So, how does one choose a photographer for their wedding? With so many options popping right in front of you on a daily basis, how does one decide? Well, that’s what Shadiyana is here for! 

We bring you all the right reasons to choose the best photographer in town; BAB Studio for your wedding photography. Let’s have a deeper look at them.

Extending over a week, with people of all ages and sizes dressed in their most vibrant outfits, Pakistani weddings are full of chances for the photographers to get beautiful photos. As the events gradually become distant memories, these photos are the visual documentation that enable these precious moments to be revisited. Whenever anyone wants. And even though technology has undoubtedly revolutionized this process. Gone are the days of photographers leaving behind a maze of tangled wires and excruciatingly blinding artificial lights. Today, smartphones and DSLRs have empowered everyone to capture moments. But true professionalism requires more than just a fancy camera. And BAB Studio provides you exactly that and then some more. 

Wedding Frames by BAB Studio

At BAB Studio, they have extensive experience in covering Pakistani weddings. They are known to skillfully capture all the cultural practices and age-old traditions that make Pakistani weddings such a special occasion. Whether it's the Engagement ceremony, Mehndi ceremony, Mayun, Nikah ceremony, Rukhsati, or even Walima, BAB Studio excels in documenting the authenticity of the emotions in each of these joyous ceremonies. Every day reflecting a different emotion, their team is capable of capturing all these expressions of precious emotions. They are committed to capturing all your most significant moments. Especially the moments like “Qubool Hai” that define the mood for the whole event. Over the past few years, they have successfully covered a wide range of Pakistani weddings, from traditional to fusion weddings blending two different cultures and traditions.

Book BAB Studio Through Shadiyana!

Based not just in Pakistan but also in countries like Qatar, Dubai, Turkey and many more, BAB Studios really have what it takes to be the best. Not just spreading the magic in Pakistan but all over the world. With such extensive and versatile experience of capturing weddings, how can they not be good? Their team is based on males and females to provide ease and comfort to their clients. Because that is their utmost priority.

Starting from just PKR 10,000, you can book them through Shadiyana. And get ready to be thankful to us! 

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