Top Best Hairstyle Ideas for Desi Grooms to Make Their Wedding Special

To all the grooms to be out there! We've got the best hairstyle ideas for desi grooms.

Shadiyana cares about you as much as we do about our amazing brides to be. We understand that you have your different concerns regarding your special day. Besides a million other things, you also have to worry about things like which hairstyle suits me or how to choose my hairstyle. 

But but but… We bring you an extensive guide on trendy hairstyle ideas for desi grooms to make you look extra special on your wedding day.

So, let’s get started!

List of Trendy Hairstyle Ideas for Desi Grooms

Here’s a list of trendy hairstyle ideas for desi grooms. Pick and choose the one that suits you the best at your wedding. 

  1. Pompadour Hairstyle
  2. Go Natural with Curly Hair
  3. Fade Hairstyle
  4. Side Part
  5. Spikes
  6. Sleek Look with All Hair at Back

Pompadour Hairstyle

This classic hairstyle has successfully made its space in modern world hairstyles for desi grooms. This adds a lot of volume to the front of your hair. It might require a little extra effort to set them but the final look is definitely worth the effort. It gives you a neat look that you can carry on any of your wedding events. 

Go Natural With Curly Hair

If you’re a fan of smart work instead of hard work, then this look might be exactly what you’re looking for. Go with your natural texture of hair even if it’s curly or wavy. Just set them a little with any spray to make them look like you’ve put in a lot of work to achieve that natural look on your wedding day. 

Fade Hairstyle

One of the most common hairstyles among men is Fade Hairdo. It is actually a haircut where you shave the sides of the head while ensuring that they blend in easily with the hair on the center. 

Side Part

For those looking to play safe on their wedding events, the side part will save their day. It is one of those hairstyles that suit most of the men and does not require you to put a lot of products on your hair. If you have straight hair, go for the side part. But even if you have curly hair, this will not disappoint you.


Spikes offer a trendy and edgy look for desi grooms. Whether you prefer a neat or wild style, spiked hair adds a modern twist to your traditional attire. Use hair gel to keep those spikes in place and make a stylish statement.

Sleek Look with All Hair at the Back

For a sophisticated appearance, go for the sleek look with all your hair slicked back. It complements traditional outfits and maintains a polished, timeless charm. Use a strong-hold hair product for a refined appearance.

Half Tie Your Hair

The "half tie" hairstyle strikes a balance between classic and modern. It combines a neatly tied half ponytail with free-falling hair. This versatile style complements various wedding themes and allows you to showcase your hair's length and texture. Add traditional hair accessories or keep it natural for a unique look.

Hence, the choice of hairstyle is a major factor in defining a groom's overall look. It goes beyond just hair. It's a crucial element that can elevate the entire appearance, reflecting personal style, complementing the attire, and enhancing the groom's confidence. The right hairstyle adds that finishing touch, making the groom not only look his best but also feel his best on one of the most significant days of his life. 

This is how Shadiyana makes wedding planning easy for all the brides and grooms to be. By providing valuable insights and tips to help grooms and brides make informed decisions for their special day, ensuring they shine with confidence and style.

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