Sneak Peek Into A Mother’s Mind During the Wedding brings you a sneak peek into a mother’s mind during the wedding of her children.

Ah, the joyous chaos of a Pakistani wedding! From colorful mehndis to the grandeur of baraat, every moment is etched in our hearts. While the bride and groom steal the limelight, let's take a humorous and emotional dive into what's happening behind the scenes, in a mother's mind during a wedding.

The Emotional Rollercoaster

As the wedding date approaches, a mother's emotions are a whirlwind. She's watching her child, her heart, stepping into a new phase of life. From sheer happiness to a tinge of sadness, her emotions oscillate faster than a pendulum.

Matchmaking Memory Lane

You might think she'd forget the matchmaker stories, but no! She reminisces about how they met, how she liked their chemistry, and how it all began. It's like re-watching a favorite drama serial – with a few ad-libs, of course!

Guest List Juggling

The guest list is like a puzzle that never fits quite right. She'll go through numerous drafts, adding and removing people, trying to strike the perfect balance between making her child happy and not emptying her savings account.

The Dress Dilemma

While the bride's dress is crucial, a Pakistani mother's outfit is no less. She'll spend months searching for the perfect dress, occasionally outdoing her own child's extravagance, secretly aspiring to be the "best dressed" at the event.

The Unstoppable Tears

During the event, as the bride and groom exchange vows or during the emotional rukhsati (farewell), a Pakistani mother's tears become Niagara Falls. It's a natural reaction, and she's well-prepared with a tissue box in her purse, which she'll promptly share with everyone around her.

Food Obsession

The real reason she's been so strict about the guest list? Food! She wants every guest to experience the culinary delights of the event. She'll monitor the caterers like a hawk to ensure there's enough biryani and kebabs for everyone.

Dance Floor Dominator

At the mehndi, you'll find her on the dance floor, matching steps with the youngsters. She's secretly rehearsed for weeks, and her Bhangra skills are top-notch. After all, a desi wedding without dance isn't a real wedding!

Wedding Photographer's Nightmare

She's on a mission to capture every moment of the wedding, sometimes blocking the professional photographers. Her phone gallery will be a chaotic mix of blurry shots, but each one holds a special place in her heart.

Superstitious Beliefs

Desi mothers are known for their superstitious beliefs. She'll consult the stars, the astrologist, and the naani to ensure everything goes smoothly. If the cat crosses her path the wrong way, she'll walk back into the house and start her day again.

The Real Life Superhero

In the midst of all the planning, the emotional rollercoaster, and the chaos, a Pakistani mother is the real-life superhero who ensures her child's wedding is nothing short of a fairytale.

A mother's mind is a whirlwind of emotions, traditions, and love during the wedding. It's a journey filled with laughter, tears, and countless cherished memories that will be passed down from generation to generation. Don’t forget to cherish these little moments with her even on your big day. They’ll act as a powerful memory and an asset for the rest of your life.

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