Preserve Your Wedding Moments with Moon’s Photography

Weddings are the most special occasion in most of our lives. And the best way to preserve these cherished moments is through Wedding Photography.

People start planning their wedding as soon as they get engaged. Or in our society, it is mostly the “baat pakki” that really sparks the will to start planning. Wedding planning feels like a festival on its own. It’s not only the bride and groom who are taking the lead. In fact the whole social circle including the friends, family, cousins, extended family, in some cases even the neighbors are also as much involved as the couple itself. 

From what dresses to gift to what food will be served to the guests during the whole wedding, every little detail is taken care of. So, obviously it is impossible that an important part of all the festivities, which is Wedding Photography, gets overlooked. Photography and videography are the only ways to preserve the liveliness of the wedding festivities. Hence, choosing the photographer is a critical job.

Moon’s Photography

Moon's Photography stands out as the best example of timeless skill of capturing moments. With an expert eye for detail and a passion for capturing the essence of each moment, their team brings a unique touch to your special day. From candid shots that preserve infinite laughter to meticulously composed portraits that reflect love, their portfolio is a testament to their dedication to the craft.

A testimony to their exceptional skills is their Instagram account where they make sure to put up beautiful portraits and candidly clicked pictures, after getting the consent from the clients. 

Things to Consider When Choosing Wedding Photographer

There are a lot of things that need to be considered when choosing the photographer. The top being the budget. If you are about to get married soon then this is one thing that you should plan before going into absolutely anything else. Create a budget for the wedding planning. You can be as specific as you would want to be. This means micro-budgeting a category like dresses, food, or a day like mehndi, baraat, etc. It’ll just simplify the process of choosing the wedding photographer for you. To overcome this inconvinience, Moon’s Photography offers a wide range of wedding photography packages starting from just PKR 9,999. 

Communicate Your Expectations

Another perk of booking Moon’s Photography is that they let you communicate openly. These days, the photography trends have become so diverse that one should not expect that everyone would want the same conventional style photos on their special day. From vintage to dark effect and so many other options, couples these days like to experiment with a lot of styles. Moreover, sometimes the bride and groom come prepared for the shoot. They have specific poses in their minds. So, the fact that the team lets you convey those expectations before the actual day can be extremely helpful. The couple gets to know from the photographer’s point of view which poses are doable and which are not, the lighting, the location, the angles, everything. 

Perks of Booking Moon’s Photography on Your Wedding

Secure a complimentary Signature Shoot when you book in advance and enjoy an exclusive 10% discount on your reservation. Although they are providing photography services in various cities of Pakistan, note that these enticing packages are exclusively applicable within the twin cities. 

PackagesPrice Range
Economy PackagePKR 9,999 
Outdoor Couple Photoshoot PKR 18,000 
Economy Package PKR 18,000
Silver Package PKR 55,000 
Gold Package PKR 95,000 
Platinum PackagePKR 125,000 

For shoots outside the city limits, they charge a very nominal amount on the basic payment, which is essential for covering travel expenses and accommodations for the team that will be covering the wedding events. However, they understand that every celebration is unique. And that is why they offer the flexibility to customize a package tailored to your specific requirements. Depending upon your requirements like number of photos, couple shoot, number of albums and events, they can customize a special package for you. Hence, ensuring a seamless journey for both the photographer and the clients as well. 

Moon's Photography approaches each wedding as a unique canvas, painting it with the colors of emotions and joy. Their subtle yet attentive presence captures not just the grand moments. But also the small nuances that define your love story. From vibrant Mehndi celebrations to the Nikah, Moon's Photography ensures every chapter of your wedding is etched into the album of memories.

Ready to embark on a visual journey that immortalizes your love story? Book Moon's Photography through Shadiyana and let their lens capture the magic of your special day. Your wedding is a celebration of love, and Moon's Photography is excited to preserve every heartbeat of that celebration.

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