An Ultimate Guide to Plan a Minimalistic Nikah Ceremony

Plan a minimalistic nikah ceremony with Shadiyana!

Nikah ceremony is the most intimate and memorable event at weddings. While multiple faiths differ in their way of celebrations, everyone is excited for the union of two people. 

In addition, Nikah is considered a beautiful Sunnah, where the couple signs a written agreement in the presence of their loved ones. It is only right that careful thought goes into planning the details for this event.

Recently, people have started preferring low-key and simple Nikah ceremonies, with only close attendees and venues like home settings or mosques.

Like always, Shadiyana is here to connect you with the best wedding services for this occasion. As a one-stop online wedding planning platform, Shadiyana is here with tips to help you get your event done right!

Bridal Look for Minimalistic Nikah

Consider opting for hues of white, ivory, or rose gold to maintain an aura of simplicity and sophistication.  Being a solemn event, you may wish to refrain from bright colors. We recommend flowy fabrics with delicate embellishments and light embroidery. 

The makeup for this day can be soft and natural. Consider glowing skin, nude lips, soft blush, and neutral eye makeup. You may wish to adorn your hair with fresh flower vines or floral crowns.

Nikkah- A Solemn Event

Most people prefer to keep the guest list short, consisting of close friends and family. This adds to the intimacy of the event itself. Consider adding a floral veil separating the couple until the Nikah proceedings are over. This gesture is an ode to both tradition and romance. 

Consider incorporating some trending finer details like an ornate pen for signing the papers. This delicately decorated pen adds a touch of elegance to the event. 

Keeping the Decor Elegant

By sticking to a light gold, ivory, or white color palette, we can ensure elegance. We recommend including fresh floral arrangements like white roses, baby’s breath, and jasmine. These can be incorporated into the centerpieces, giving an aura of sophistication!

Considering the scale of the event, you may arrange the seating in a comfortable circular fashion. This provides a sense of closeness among the guests. Additionally, warm soft lighting such as fairy lights can add to the overall ambiance. 

Nikah Menu - Do It the Right Way

Opt for light appetizers such as mini sandwiches, samosas, and bite-sized entrees. The main menu can include biryani, chicken korma, and a vegetarian option like paneer or mixed vegetable curry. 

For dessert, we recommend traditional mithai like barfi, gulab jaman, and rasgulla. We recommend cutting an aesthetic “qabool hai” themed cake to add to the celebration! 

For the mithai distribution, consider using white and gold wrapping decoration, with adorned boxes or trays.

By bringing us on board for the most intimate event of the new couple’s life, you’re ensuring the Nikah will be the most memorable event ever. If you want an elegant and minimalistic Nikah, keep these tips in mind!

Happy planning and hearty congratulations on your new journey!

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