Most Unique Lehenga Dupatta Draping Styles to Wear 

Are you bored of the same lehenga dupatta draping styles on every function? Read Shadiyana’s blog to know a lot of other styles to bring versatility to your style and look. 

These different styles will especially be helpful if you are reusing an old lehenga. A new way of draping the dupatta will bring a whole new vibe to it. You can have your pictures all over the social media in an old lehenga but with a new style of dupatta draping, no one will be able to tell. 

Draping a dupatta over a lehenga offers many styles, each with its unique flair and cultural touch. These styles aren't just about fashion, instead they let you make your outfit special for any occasion. The fabric, color, and decorations on the dupatta all add to how beautiful the lehenga looks. Whether it's intricate embroidery, sequins, or mirror work, the details on the dupatta can make the lehenga even more stunning.

So, let’s take your lehenga look to a whole new level of style and grace with these draping styles.

How to Wrap a Lehenga Dupatta

It is not difficult to drape it but you should consider a few things before deciding it. Like the stuff of your dupatta, the hair style you’re aiming to carry with it, your body type, etc. Tailor your dupatta drape to enhance the overall appeal of your outfit. For a touch of drama, consider a striking lehenga drape that adds flair to a simple ensemble. If your lehenga is intricately adorned, go for a more straightforward drape that complements the overall silhouette. Embrace the wrap style by draping a lehenga dupatta over your shoulder and chest for a chic and stylish look that perfectly suits your outfit.

Drape Dupatta Saree Style

Style your lehenga dupatta like a saree. The key is to create neat pleats without any clumsiness. Keep each pleat precisely a millimeter apart and secure them neatly with pins to prevent the heavy and bunched-up appearance common with sarees. Opt for the right fabric, such as a netted or silk dupatta, to avoid any bulkiness and achieve a graceful look.

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One Sided Elegance

Enhance the look of your lehenga with the graceful one-sided flow drape. This simple yet charming method adds a flowing and asymmetrical effect to your dupatta, emphasizing it on one side of your body. This technique not only imparts a sense of movement and charm to your lehenga attire but also brings forth a comfortable and fashionable appeal. Define your style effortlessly with this lovely draping method.

Lehenga Dupatta as a Cape

Turn heads with the captivating cape style draping for your sheer dupatta. Transform it into a stylish cape jacket to complement your lehenga ensemble. Ensure secure pinning, especially if your dupatta is heavily embroidered, to achieve a polished look on your shoulders. Ideal for those who wish to conceal curves, the cape style dupatta draping offers a fashionable and flattering option.

Tip: The beauty of this style lies in the illusion of a long-sleeved jacket created by the dupatta.

Double Dupatta

For curvy brides seeking a slimming effect, draw inspiration from the double dupatta draping style. Not only does this technique enhance your overall appearance, but it also infuses an extra layer of glamor into your attire. Embrace the elegance by draping a dupatta over your head, creating a cascading effect. While letting the second one flow freely over your right shoulder. Alternatively, neatly pleating and pinning the second dupatta over the shoulder adds a touch of sophistication to your bridal ensemble. Add to your bridal look with this graceful and figure-flattering draping style designed to enhance your natural beauty.

U Shape Draping

Elevate the style and look of your lehenga with a touch of drama by embracing the U-shape dupatta draping style. Artfully bring one side forward to create a captivating U-shape effect. This looks especially enchanting when paired with a net dupatta adorned with small motifs. This flowy and statement-making style adds a dash of glamor to any occasion, ensuring all eyes are on you. Ideal for those who wish to conceal their tummy, the U-shape draping style combines fashion and functionality seamlessly. This style is for everyone as it allows you to add a cover on your tummy area without compromising your overall look.

Around the Wrist

You can also opt for a one-sided pleated dupatta or drape it diagonally. Take your style up a notch by wrapping the dupatta around your wrist for a bold fashion statement. Simply decide on your preferred dupatta draping style, adjust the length accordingly, and complete the look by wrapping the other end around your wrist. With this effortless yet striking technique, your lehenga is sure to steal the spotlight at any event.

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