Most Fascinating Wedding Venues in Lahore

Lahore is famous for its traditional extravagance in everything food, clothes, architecture and that also includes wedding venues in Lahore. And weddings are no exception in this. People spend a lot of money trying to make sure that everything is perfect for their wedding. If you ever dare to tell them that anything is extra, be prepared to hear “how can I get married in a simple way?”

With its cultural and traditional richness, people are emotionally invested in their weddings. They pay extra attention to the photographers, catering, decor, and everything related to weddings. They put so much effort in choosing the wedding venues in Lahore because it can set the whole vibe for the event. So, Shadiyana is here to provide you with a list of some amazing wedding venues for all your events. Whether it’s a fun colorful event like mehndi or mayun, or a formal one like reception, you can find the perfect fit from these. 

List of Jaw Dropping Wedding Venues in Lahore

Here’s a list of Jaw Dropping Wedding Venues that will ensure to depict the grandness of your wedding event.

  1. Qasar e Noor
  2. Heaven Marquee
  3. Ayesha Mehboob Farmhouse
  4. Majesty Event Complex
  5. Grace Fort Event Complex
  6. Bella Rose Event Complex
  7. Lords Event Complex

Qasar e Noor2000+
Heaven Marquee 200-1200
Ayesha Mehboob Farmhouse 500+ 
Majesty Event Complex200-700
Grace Fort Event Complex 200-675 
Bella Rose Event Complex 250-1300 
Lords Event Complex 250-3000

Qasar e Noor

Located near Polo Ground in Lahore, Qasar e Noor is a literal dream place to get married. The interior, the outlook, the architecture, everything is absolutely breathtaking.

Starting from just PKR 2800/ there is no reason for you to look away from this grand venue. The backdrop for your events is so dreamy and classy that it takes to another world of grandeur and elegance altogether.

Providing several options for customization, you can bring your imagination to life. Qasar e Noor offers stunning wedding stage décor, turning your dream wedding into a reality with their exceptional services and attention to detail.

Heaven Marquee

With more than 8 menu options, Heaven Marquee is one of the top choices for specially indoor events. With its reasonable menu prices starting from PKR 1650 only, the marquee is actually a heaven for those who are really particular about the decor for the wedding events. Step in the venue and experience its exquisite decor which is sure to captivate your hearts. 

The best part of choosing this marquee is that you can customize the desserts according to your preference. Thus, making it the perfect setting for you to celebrate your wedding events. Book through Shadiyana to get amazing rates.

Ayesha Mehboob Farmhouse

A true oasis of serenity and celebration, Ayesha Mehboob Farmhouse is nestled amidst the city's vibrant energy, it provides a peaceful escape for wedding festivities. The lush greenery and charming rustic setting make it a captivating choice for those seeking a tranquil and spacious venue. The Farm House is where dreams come to life, offering a perfect canvas to create lasting memories in a natural and romantic atmosphere. 

Book this and many other amazing venues through Shadiyana, to fully enjoy your outdoor events without getting stressed about a thing.

Majesty Event Complex

As the name suggests, Majesty Event Complex has specifically been designed to make your special day majestic and memorable. From the location to the architecture, from the menu to the interior, everything depicts the grandiosity of this venue. 

Lit like an ancient grand historic building, the marquee makes sure to capture your heart at first glance. Complimenting the overall vibe of the venue, the interior of the venue is breathtaking as well. The use of flowers, chandeliers, and lights add to its grandeur.

Book this for a Majestic Wedding via Shadiyana. 

Grace Fort Event Complex

With the space to accommodate more than 650 guests, Grace Fort Event Complex is the ideal choice for your big wedding events like Baraat and Reception. The venue offers the facility of air conditioning and heating as well. The use of real flowers in the backdrop and decoration exudes the elegance and grandeur of Lahore perfectly. Usually, what are the top 3 costs for a wedding? For most people it is the wedding venues, the dresses, and the food. This makes Grace Fort Event Complex the perfect choice. The starting rate for the delectable menu is PKR 1700/person. What more do

Book it through Shadiyana to avail good deals. 

Bella Rose Event Complex

Bella Rose Event Complex is a hidden gem for those seeking the perfect backdrop for their special day. With its enchanting gardens and elegant architecture, this venue exudes timeless charm and romance. From the moment you set foot inside, you'll be captivated by the beauty that surrounds you. Bella Rose is where dreams come to life, making it an ideal choice for weddings and celebrations that deserve nothing but the best. It has an extensive parking space that can cater up to 700 vehicles. With the price range of PKR 2400-3500/ this is one of the most affordable venues of Lahore. 

Book this amazing venue using Shadiyana. 

Lords Event Complex

Located at the Defense Road, Lahore, Lords Event Complex is a magnificent venue providing the facilities of wheelchair accessibility along with both female and male staff to cater your needs. It is the ideal venue to add more colors to your wedding events due to its vibrant interior and overall ambiance. The menu consists of a wide range of delicious options to choose from starting from PKR 1650/ only. 

Contact Shadiyana today, to get it booked!

In a city like Lahore, finding the perfect wedding venue can be an exciting adventure, as it offers a variety of beautiful choices. Whether you're dreaming of a grand celebration or an intimate gathering, Lahore's venues have something special to offer. 

Places like the above mentioned ones, are not just places to host events. They're where you can turn your special day into an unforgettable experience. These venues represent the city's rich culture and warmth, making your wedding day truly magical. So, as you search for your dream venue, let Lahore's timeless beauty and hospitality make your wedding day extraordinary.

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