Most Attractive Bridal Hairstyle Ideas with Matha Patti 2023

Matha Patti holds a special place in the dreams of every bride to be. Especially while deciding the looks for her events like mayun, dholki, or mehndi, at least one of the looks has to have matha patti in it. A matha patti is a traditional and elegant piece of jewelry that can truly enhance your overall bridal look. But the question is what kind of hairstyle should you choose to complement your matha patti? And more importantly what is the hair trend for weddings in 2023? If you're interested in bridal hairstyle ideas with matha patti, then keep reading!

In this blog, Shadiyana has brought you some lovely bridal hairstyle ideas with matha patti that will make you look youthful and magnificent with your matha patti.

List of Bridal Hairstyle Ideas with Matha Patti

Here’s a list of bridal hairstyle ideas with matha patti.

  1. Loose Curls with Matha Patti
  2. Straight Hair with Matha Patti
  3. Bun with Matha Patti
  4. Tight Curls with Matha Patti
  5. Tied Hair with Matha Patti
  6. Half Open Half Tied Hair

Loose Curls with Matha Patti

Khule baal aur matha patti is the ideal combination when it comes to events like mayun and dholki. Keeping your hair open and placing your matha patti in the right spot can give you a natural and beautiful look.

Straight Hair with Matha Patti

If you want to go for a minimal look for your pre wedding events, then try matha patti with no other piece of jewelry. It will strike a perfect balance between giving you the bridal look but without taking away the simplicity of your day.

If you have straight hair, highlighting your matha patti can be a great idea. This simple look will make you an elegantly stunning bride. You can choose to keep the hair at front or pull them all back to bring all the attention to your matha patti.

Bun with Matha Patti

If you want your hair to stay out of your face comfortably, a bun could be a great choice. This hairstyle not only looks beautiful but is also practical.

You can choose to wear jewelry that will compliment your whole look with it or you can just pass wearing earrings with the look. For a more Mahira Khan style look, go with subtle makeup to give your the glowy look that will make it hard for your guests to turn their eyes away from you. 

Tight Curls with Matha Patti

Tight curls add volume and texture to your hair, making your hair strands appear luxuriously thick and luscious. When you pair this hairstyle with a matha patti, the result is truly charming. It's a fusion of soft, romantic curls with gracing it with traditional jewelry can make you feel like a princess on your special day. The delicate curls delicately frame your face and effortlessly highlight the intricate details of your matha patti, creating a captivating bridal look.

Tied Hair with Matha Patti

Going for a tied hairdo can take you to a world of tradition and royalty when combined with a matha patti. This classic and elegant hairstyle not only ensures that your hair stays neatly in place throughout your celebrations but also beautifully complements the regal aesthetic of your matha patti. 

The meticulous bun or braid, adorned with the matha patti, creates a look that exudes timeless grace and sophistication, turning you into a picture-perfect bride fit for a royal affair.

Oh so royal!

Half Open Half Tied Hair

The combination of half open and half tied hair creates a mesmerizing blend of tradition and style when adorned with a matha patti. 

This unique and versatile hairstyle allows your hair to flow gracefully, framing your face with soft waves or loose curls while also showcasing the intricate beauty of your matha patti. It's the perfect marriage of classic charm and a modern twist, offering a captivating bridal look that's sure to leave a lasting impression on your special day.

Matha patti is not just an accessory but a symbol of tradition and culture, adding a touch of timeless elegance to your bridal look

At Shadiyana, we're dedicated to helping you connect with these cherished traditions, ensuring your wedding day is a true reflection of your heritage. Embrace the beauty of your roots and celebrate your special day with grace and style.

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