How to Overcome the Common Challenges of Post Wedding Blues

A lot of people experience Post Wedding Blues. However the intensity and duration may vary for all individuals. Another interesting thing to be noted here is that they are not something exclusive to only the newly-weds. They can be experienced by any one, at any point of life. 

From those Bollywood movies to Pakistani dramas, from extended relatives to your own parents. Since our childhoods, we’ve always heard that wedding day is the most important part of anyone’s life. Hence, consciously or unconsciously you start planning it in your head before your wedding date is fixed. 

But then with Qubool Hai said, confetti thrown, and cake sliced, comes a rush of emotions. And all those pointing towards the question “what now?” Well, if this seems relatable, we urge you to keep reading. Because Shadiyana is here to help you get out of these blue feelings. 

What Are Post Wedding Blues

Just like the name suggests, Post Wedding Blues are the feeling of sadness, lethargy, boredom, and sometimes loneliness. In some cases people may start wondering if they made the right choice marrying the person they did. If this seems like something you’ve been experiencing, don’t stress out. You are not the only one going through all of this. A lot of people experience the same feelings once all the party and excitement dies down. 

See, weddings are something that are extremely hyped up. Especially if you're a bride (or even groom), chances are that there will be people around you all the time, at least 15 days before the actual wedding. And this is just the main event. Not to forget about all the planning and effort that you put into planning it. The carefully planned outfits, then uncountable visits to the market to make them take the shape from your thoughts and ideas to actuality. Those hundreds of Pinterest pictures saved in your gallery. The daily discussions over guests lists and menu items on the events. You are not just planning an event or a get together for your friends and family. You are invested in the wedding both emotionally and financially. 

Then comes the wedding and pre-wedding events. For most people there is also a honeymoon planned afterwards. But then what? 

Suddenly everything quiets down. That shadi ki ronaq aur halla gulla, those late night gossip sessions with your friends and cousins. Those last minute shopping sprees and discussions over what color to use in the backdrop of the stage. All this attention and importance and then one day it all goes away just like that. The point being that it is quite natural to feel that way. But how do you overcome these feelings? We will get to that but first, let’s see what can be the symptoms of Post Wedding Blues. 

Symptoms of Post Wedding Blues

A few symptoms of feeling blue include the following:

  • Hopelessness
  • Persistent feelings of sadness
  • Lethargy
  • Sleep and appetite issues
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Irritability
  • Lack of interest in daily life activities

How to Cope with Wedding Blues

During this time, it may feel like life is not worth living. Or maybe you are not living it right. But trust me this is not how you actually feel. A few couples have also reported that they thought they had lost interest in their spouse after the wedding. But after some time, these feelings went away. And God are they glad about it.  

Let’s have a look at some tips that might help you deal with these emotions.

Know You are Not Alone

A lot of times, feelings like these make you believe that you are alone. You are the only one feeling these complicated emotions. Only you know how bad it is, etc. While it may be true that people around you cannot relate with you, there are many other people. Especially the newly wed couples who can understand your feelings. So the first thing in getting over these feelings is to realize you are not alone and this is not peculiar.

Sit with These Feelings and Acknowledge Them

Try not to dwell on the feelings of loneliness. It means you need to consciously stop yourself from ruminating on thoughts or things that are not going well. Don’t believe yourself when you feel like you don’t like anything about this life. Not even your spouse. Acknowledge this feeling for what it is instead of running away from it.

Communicate with Your Spouse

Even though your feelings are valid and real, it may be hard for those living with you, especially your partner. They might be expecting you to be glimmering with all the love, attention, and excitement of finally living the life you’ve dreamt of. So, if you are going to work or working around the house with a frowning or tired face, it might be hard for them to comprehend it for what it is. So, keep them in the loop. They need to know what is happening with you. So they can understand and be there for you. This will also minimize the chances of misunderstanding between you two. 

Shift Your Perspective

Try to do something exciting with your partner that might ignite the feelings of excitement and joy in you. You can plan a weekend getaway or host your first dinner as a couple. Think about your wedding as a day when you received the most love from everyone. Save it for your memories in your heart. Be grateful that you were able to have the best day of your life. And your loved ones were there to witness it too. This will change your perspective from “oh my God, it’s all over” to “oh God, I was lucky to have experienced it.”

Can You Prevent the Post Wedding Blues?

While there might be things that can help you with these blues, research hasn’t been able to show that these are preventable. As of yet. 

But that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the best day of your lives with your loved ones. Plan your wedding the way you want to and have all the fun. Because you deserve it!

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