How to Maintain Friendships After Marriage


Are you wondering how will you maintain friendships after marriage? got some amazing tips for you!

Friendships are an important part of human development. Good friends not only yield a support system for a long time but they also help in overcoming the little problems one might face in life. Therefore, it not only requires active time and effort investment to build good friendships but also constant input.

But what if you are hitched now? Your all time is going into building a perfect home. Perfect home and a perfect family. It can steal away your time from your social circle. You would need to invest way more in your family especially if you're building a new foundation. So if you are wondering how you can balance your friendships after marriage without losing many of your important besties, here is something for you!

Schedule Appointments with Your Friends!

We understand how time can be an important constraint, but what you can do to overcome it, is bond your spouse and BFF together, make an appointment, a day out or something fun where your spouse can know your friends. In this way, you all can be a great mob of family and friends. This will make the whole hanging out experience, way more fun and friendships after marriage, easy to maintain!

The Doable!

What can be done is, that you can either make an evasive plan and talk it out with your partner beforehand so no one's expectations are getting hurt and this is why you can plan the rest around too. You can plan a trip out in a month with your friends only, dinner dates or some games. Make a proper schedule so that everything goes organized and well.

A group of friends hanging around

Finding the Right Balance

If you are in a marriage, it should be important enough for you too. If you hang out with your friends all the time to maintain friendships after marriage. It can take a downside towards your marriage. The lack of availability can make you distance away from your spouse, therefor it is utmost to keep them on the same page but also don't devoid the friends of your presence. Sure, do hang out but if it is affecting your relationship it's time you step back and talk it out. 

Finding who is a Real Friend

Now you don't need to find time and interact with people who are negative and toxic. One such person might be who creates deviation or slander against your relationship or your spouse. Great if they highlight any red flags but know the difference between your real friends and someone toxic. You do want to stay away from them. 

Invite Your Friends Over

If you can't find time to go and hang out, invite them over. This way they will be more familiarized with your house and your spouse. They can maybe help you around set up something new, or do some DIY for the new house. It will get the job done as well as help you hang out with them. Go shopping together and get two shots in one arrow.

Set Boundaries

It is an important part of any relationship whether it's your friends or your spouse. Make sure they are not bugging you a little too much about what to do and what not to. It's okay for them to demand more of you, but if they are controlling you then it's a red flag. You can talk out your monthly meeting with your friends beforehand with your spouse. And inform your friends that you have a family to take care of too now. This way they both know what you can offer. 

Allow New People

If your old friends require too much effort, and despite being clear with what you can provide. If they still don't understand maybe it's time to loosen the grip and let them go. You can always make new friends if they are your work friends or your spouse's friends. It will be good for your mental health and help you interact with people who are in your mindset. 

The Golden Rule

Whenever you're hanging out with your friends, out or at home, make sure you don't spend all the time talking about yourself. We do understand you are hyped to share all the tea with them about your married life. But talking about you only can sound rude and snobbish. Listen to them too and ask them what's popping in their lives. This can prove to be a determining factor regarding friendships after marriage are going to sustain or not.


In short, you don't have to cut someone off completely just because you are married. Similarly do not just dwell on them all the time either. Change is hard to adapt, but we are confident you are eager to try new things in your married life too. You won't be able to do daily gossip and chatter every day, but you now have a soulmate too. It's a good trade now, isn't it? Maintain a balance and communicate well, so all your friendships after marriage will never go astray!