Wonderful Moments from the Ambani Pre-Wedding Festivities

About the Ambani Pre-Wedding festivities, when they say “only Ambanis can bring together all the three Khans of Bollywood on the same stage,” this three day pre-wedding extravaganza is exactly what they mean!

But no, the long list of happenings at Anant Ambani’s pre-wedding festivities doesn’t end just there. Although not only media persons but also the general public has set their eyes on the actual wedding ceremony. Which is expected to take place in Mumbai, in July. But that doesn’t dim the light of curiosity people have in what all went on, in the pre-wedding festivities. 

If you’re also one of those people then let me assure you that you’ve landed the right spot. Let’s get a virtual tour of Anant Ambani’s wedding. 

Details of Anant Ambani’s Pre-Wedding Festivities

There are luxurious pre-wedding parties and then there are Ambani style parties. The festivities took place on the first weekend of March 2024, in Jamnagar, Gujarat. Consisting of around 500 dishes, 1000+ guests from around the world, and a million dollar budget. This is the way Ambanis celebrate the upcoming weddings. Mind you these are pre-wedding festivities not the actual wedding. Can you imagine what is going to happen when it’s time for the wedding?

Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant

The festivities took place against the stunning backdrop of Vantara, the animal rehabilitation center established by the groom. The venue holds immense significance for the couple. Spanning 3000 acres, it is a depiction of Anant's vision of creating a better world for animals. From raising awareness about animal welfare issues to actively participating in the conservation efforts for endangered species.

While Ambani comes from Asia's wealthiest family, with a fortune of $117 billion, Merchant's parents founded Encore Healthcare, a multi-billion-dollar company. Of course no one can match the wealth of Ambanis but having similar backgrounds can make it easier to understand each other in a relationship!

Based on the three-day wedding festivities, the first night's theme was 'An Evening in Everland', followed by 'Walk on the Wild Side' for the second night. And 'Mela Rouge' for the third day which transported guests into a French dreamland.

Sneak Peek into the Guest List 

People from different fields came around to be a part of this mega celebration including Tech, Sports, Entertainment, Politics and whatnot. Mukesh Ambani, the father of Anant Ambani ensured that his son tying the knot with his long term girlfriend Radhika Merchant, is an affair not just for India but all over the world.

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan

The list of people coming from all over the world was so extensive that the local airport had to be changed into an International Airport for the event. I mean is that a Disney Movie or what? 

Well, it certainly isn’t any less than that when you have people like Rihanna and Beyonce performing for you. And top contemporary Bollywood celebrities doing your aarti as you walk down the aisle to marry the love of your life. 

Authorities reported that more than 130 flights landed at the airport for the Ambani pre-wedding festivities. Well this shouldn’t surprise you if you know that even the chefs who prepared the massive scrumptious menu were flown down based on their skills and expertise. 

Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg must have had a ball while staying in tents and getting served so much variety of traditional food. EVERY day for EVERY meal during their stay. 

Of course one can imagine how these tents must look if the host is an Ambani. But the suspicions were confirmed by a video uploaded on Instagram that showed a look of the tents these guests were staying in. They were nothing short of a luxurious hotel room but with a traditional touch. 

Rumors have it that even some of the Pakistani celebrities like Sanam Jung were also invited for the festivities. However, due to personal and political reasons they thought it better to forgo it. 

The Artists Behind the Art of the Festivities

It might look like the outfits, the jewelry, the shoes, everything was just ordered and got made. But that is not the case. Actually everything was meticulously prepared and designed by the experts. And depicted the true values and core beliefs of the couple and the families. The jewelry designer Lorraine Schwartz mentioned in an interview that the designs were not just lavish but also filled with immense love and care. Moreover, attention to details was given while designing the looks of all the family members. So it is safe to say that the events were not just special for the bride and groom. But for both the families.  

Unlike western weddings, Indian weddings are grand and extravagant. Not just the families but the guests also like to go over the top with the preparations of attending the wedding. And Anant Ambani pre-wedding festivities are proof of that.

Isha Ambani wearing Falguni Shane Peacock 

The designer of Isha Ambani’s wedding outfit stated that it took 50+ people to design this outfit. They wanted to incorporate Isha’s feelings and wishes into it. She wanted something grand but in white. She commanded. And they delivered! 

Coming towards the couple’s attire, Radhika chose to go with Gold. While Anant opted for Black outfit. They both compliment each other and their beautiful smiles were enough to warm up the hearts of those eyeing them. Even through their screens.

Heart and Soul of Ambani Pre Wedding Festivities

Not just the bride and groom but the whole family had put their heart and soul into organizing the events. And not just organizing the whole celebration, it was pretty evident from the visuals of the festivities that the family members were over the moon for this reunion. From being physically involved in all the festivities including dance performances and everything, to delivering heart warming speeches and well wishes for the couple. We could see that money is not all Ambanis have. Their family is filled with love and good intentions for each other. 

Looking Forward to "The Wedding" Now!

With Ambani pre-wedding festivities being so grand and dreamy, we simply cannot wait to see what Ambanis have in store for the actual wedding in July. Although we don’t doubt their planning skills, we’re still curious to see how they will raise the bar they’ve set themselves.

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