Rules of Regifting your Wedding Gifts: Etiquettes Expert

Is it okay to regift your wedding gifts?

After all that hassle and chaos, you finally got some time to open your wedding gifts, And you love them.

Well, most of them. There are a few gifts given to you by your dearest friends and family members. But they really aren’t your style. So what do you do? Let them sit in a corner of a cupboard for years and years? Would that make you feel like you’re valuing the love of the gift giver?

But how do you know that it doesn’t have the potential to be someone’s favorite? If it doesn’t suit your style, does it mean it won’t be liked by anyone? Does never taking out the present and using it pushes away the guilt in you?

What if you’re thinking too much about it? Let’s find out together!

Let’s Discover Regifting

Regifting involves receiving a gift and then passing it along to another person. Creating a sort of sisterhood of gifts as they journey from one recipient to the next. However, executing this process with tact is crucial. Although at its heart, regifting lacks integrity because the original gift recipient is passing along a gift that was specifically selected for them to someone else.But despite this, regifting has become more acceptable in certain social circles. It's deemed okay, but only when done thoughtfully, considering factors such as timing, the recipient, and the suitability of the gift. 

Wedding Gifts and Love Behind Them

Everyone who gives you a gift on your special day, does so with love and purity of their hearts. But one shoe doesn’t fit all. Even the siblings living in the same house, raised by the same parents, have so different opinions on things. One likes sweets, the other wants savory. One prefers dark colors while the other, pastels. It’s not about one thing being better than the other. But about different people having different stances in life. So it’s also natural for you to feel this way. You don’t need to blame yourself for not liking the gift. 

Is Regifting Okay?

Well, it depends on people. While some people may be okay with this concept, others may find it offensive. Regifting can be a bit tricky since you never know if the original giver might find out. If the gift is from someone you're not particularly close to, you might be in the clear. But it's still wise to proceed with caution. Before regifting, thoroughly inspect the item for any telltale signs that it was previously given to you. Such as small cards, notes, or receipts tucked away in the packaging. Don’t let anyone have the awkward experience of receiving a regift with the original card still inside. It is a bit embarrassing for everyone involved and may leave the receiver feeling a tad hurt. For items you don't have any use for, it might be safer to consider donating them or exploring the option of exchanging them instead, if you can.

Reconsider Giving Handmade Gifts

Handmade gifts don't come with gift receipts which makes them unique and irreplaceable. While they might not always align with your personal style. It's considered impolite to give them away if someone took the effort to create or find a special gift for you. Handmade items carry an emotional significance because the giver invested time and care into crafting them, rather than simply purchasing something online. 

For instance, if your friend painstakingly made a wall hanging for your home, they would likely feel disappointed if they discovered you had passed it on to someone else. It's important to cherish handmade gifts as tokens of the giver's thoughtfulness and effort. 

Similarly, meaningful gifts should be appreciated for the sentiment behind them. If the giver expresses excitement about presenting you with a carefully chosen gift or emphasizes the effort they put into selecting it. It's essential to acknowledge and honor their gesture. Such items serve as tangible reminders of the bond you share with the giver and the significance of their gesture.

Gifting is an Art

Although we do say that it’s okay to regift some gifts. But it’s equally important to consider a few things before that. The presents should be brand new. So it doesn’t negate the purpose of giving gifts which is showing the other person how much you love and care for them. 

Also, gifting used or tried on gifts is insulting. There’s always a chance of people finding it that it’s a used item. Even if it didn’t look like that. So it can cause a lot of hurt and pain to the other person. 

Another important thing is to make sure it doesn’t have any name or price tags attached with it. Imagine taking out a gift and actually liking it. Only to find out a name tag with someone else’s name attached to it. How would that make you feel?

So, what’s the takeaway from all this?

It’s okay to regift your wedding gifts as long as you’re not being hurtful or careless. Let’s not hoard gifts into our cupboards for an unspecified time. Giving gifts is a way of showing and expressing love. And it should not be misused. It’s a love language for a reason and let’s not forget that!

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