Best Rishta Sites, Groups & Apps

Modern problems require modern solutions. And there is nothing wrong with looking for a mate online. And not everyone knows people who can set them up, so we have to get creative. Here are some of the digital solutions where you can start your happy married life.

  1. Match Lab
  2. They have an amazingly easy-to-use Facebook Messenger app through which you can create your profile and get matched with potential suitors.

  3. Shadi Marvels
  4. Just create your profile and patiently wait to get matched with results.

  5. 2 Rings
  6. A Facebook Group.

    A Facebook group that has many profiles listed that you can choose from and even post your own profile.

  7. 2 Rings Global
  8. A Facebook Group.

    If you are looking for a mate abroad or someone willing to move abroad. That is definitely a Facebook group that you can visit.

  9. Bumble
  10. A Mobile App.

    That is perfect if your intentions are clear from the start. Mobile apps get a bad rep, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

  12. A household name for finding soulmates on their website.

  13. Shaadi Org
  14. An organization run completely by women whose purpose all day is finding you the right match.

  15. Nikkah Matrimonials for Doctors and Engineers
  16. A Facebook Group.

    Useful groups for those that know what they want.

  17. Matrimonial Match Makers Islamabad

A Facebook Group. For finding soulmates in the Twin Cities!

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