Aura Grande & Aura Grande Arena – Proud Vendors of Shadiyana

Embarking on your wedding journey with Shadiyana means immersing yourself in a world of curated excellence. And at the heart of our offerings stand two gems; Aura Grande in Islamabad and Aura Grande Arena in Bahria Town Rawalpindi.

Moreover, we now offer an exceptional wedding planning service; Planning Pernia, especially for you. It is a concierge service by Shadiyana that helps you with all the wedding planning. From choosing the wedding vendors according to your budget to guiding you to choose the most suited venue, we do it all. Just get in touch with us once. And hand over all your worries to us. 

AmenitiesAura Grande Aura Grande Arena
Parking Space1000500 
Wheelchair AccessibilityYesYes
Catering Internal Internal 
Staff Male & FemaleMale & Female 

Timeless Elegance of Aura Grande

Burrowed in the beautiful mountains of Islamabad, Aura Grande is a testament to timeless sophistication. Its architectural grace and inviting ambiance provide the perfect canvas for celebrations of all scales. Whether it's an intimate affair or a grand gala, they ensure that each moment is etched in elegance. 

Moreover, its location provides an ideal set up for a secluded, cozy get together due to its slight distance from the usual hustle and bustle of the city. Immerse yourself in a celebration filled with joy and comfort at the venue. Feel the beat with a vibrant DJ, setting the perfect rhythm for your festivities. 

If you choose this venue for your wedding celebrations, you don’t need to worry about the weather. Their top-notch air conditioning and heating ensure a pleasant atmosphere all year-round. 

Location: Golra NPF, E-11/4, Islamabad

The exquisite decor creates a picture-perfect setting for your special day. And when it comes to culinary delights, you can choose to indulge in live stations featuring sizzling BBQ, tempting pasta, and the famous Makai Roti. They have curated the amenities to turn your event into an unforgettable experience. So that every detail adds to the magic of the moment.

Majestic Aura Grande Arena in Bahria Town

For those seeking grandeur in Bahria Town Rawalpindi, Aura Grande Arena is here to answer your call. With expansive halls, exquisite decor, and top-tier facilities, this venue stands as a majestic arena. Hence, ready to host your most significant celebrations. The venue promises a blend of opulence and warmth. Due to its architecture, the venue is ideal for having your wedding photoshoots there as well. 

Location: Bahria Town Phase 7, Rawalpindi

They have several hall options like Concordia, Gevora, etc. to cater everyone’s needs. 

From as low as 150 people to as high as 1500 people, they can deal with all. With charges starting from just PKR 1500/person, they provide amazing menu options. Appetizers, main course, desserts, they have so many options in all categories to satisfy the palates of your guests and loved ones.  

Crafting Your Perfect Venue Experience with Shadiyana

Shadiyana is your trusted guide in the quest for the ideal wedding venue. We bring you exclusive spaces like Aura Grande and Aura Grande Arena, carefully selected to align with your vision. With Shadiyana, your wedding day becomes a canvas for timeless beauty and cherished memories.

So, let’s begin your journey to a dream wedding, in the lap of unmatched elegance.

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